The Big Bang Theory is coming to final season soon. I feel pretty sad about it and already watch it a million times. I don't even know how to say goodbye to it and I really hope someday I can meet my own Sheldon Cooper! Because I am so into The Big Bang Theory, I've tried every way to collect its related collectibles. Today, I want to share my collectibles of this classic and unforgettable American series with you.

Funko The Big Bang Theory

This Funko series actually has many limited items, which are really expensive. Because I am not so rich, I can only show you the basic The Big Bang Theory Funkos I collected.

One of the reasons why I love this series is its package design. Every back cover of the packages has an introduction of the character. Some of the introductions are pretty funny, especially superpowers and weaknesses.


The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon

Sheldon's drawback is understanding others' sarcasm. 😂

Learn more Sheldon Funko

There are 4 limited versions, where Sheldon wears different T-shirts. What I want the most is Sheldon wearing the Batman T-shirt.

Learn more Sheldon Batman Shirt

However, this figure is damn expensive. It costs over 250 USD on eBay. When I become rich someday, I will buy it then.


Amy's weaknesses are high libido and Penny's smile. I guess she is bisexual?🤔


I think Leonard is, in this series, a rare normal character.🤣

I like Leonard's hoodie jacket.

Learn more Leonard Funko

Another exclusive version of Leonard!

Learn more Leonard Star Trek


Although Bernadette is small, she can become aggressive overnight. So don't look down on her.😤

Bernadette figure is pretty vivid and well-made. Because her feet are pretty small, she has a base under her feet.

Learn more Bernadette Funko


In this Funko series, I don't like Howard the most. However, he is so clever in the drama and is proficient in 7 languages.🤓

Learn more Howard Funko


Penny is a typical next-door American girl with blond hair. Her superpower is shopping, so is her weakness.

To be honest, I don't think Penny Funko looks like Penny in The Big Bang Theory at all.🤨


I don't know if I really like this character or not. But for sure I like when he talks and plays with Leonard.

I like Raj's overall clothes design.