Funko Pop Harry Potter figures are a must-have for any Harry Potter fans. I’ve collected some of the most classic Funko Pop Harry Potter below and tried my best to take images with the highest resolution. Hope you would like my shared collection.

Hermione Granger

She wears a Hogwarts uniform and skirt.

Luna Lovegood

This one is a bit more special because there is a transparent base below.

The earrings look exactly like Luna's style!

Funko Pop Harry Potter

Harry couldn't stand up, so I could only let him lie down. (I think Harry needs a standing base.) There is a basic edition of Funko Pop Harry Potter, but I chose to buy the edition of Harry Potter playing Quidditch. The figure wears a Gryffindor uniform and holds a broom and a Golden Snitch. The reason why this Harry Potter couldn't stand up is his broom is longer than Harry Potter's legs.

There is a lightning-sharped scar on his forehead.

Draco Malfoy

Here comes sought-after Draco! But honestly, I feel a little disappointed. The figure doesn't look handsome at all! But the Slytherin badge is really gorgeous.

Bellatrix Lestrange

This one also has a base (it seems a Funko figure which can't stand well has a base like this), but the base makes the figure a little tilted. The figure somehow depicts Bellatrix as a small girl with a mild temperament. Except her hairstyle, I love everything about her appearance. By the way, could holding the wand like that accidentally lead to casting a black magic spell to herself?

I like her light-pink eye shadow!


Dobby's skin color is much redder than one in the package photo, but I still like his clothes and the sock he is holding.

Minerva McGonagall

Professor, you seem so cynical...

Lucius Malfoy

The details of this figure are vivid.

His wand is long enough to be a cane.

Ron Weasley

It is a basic edition as Hermione. He wears a Hogwarts uniform too.

Severus Snape

This is one of my favorite Funko Pop Harry Potter. It is very cute!

His back is very black. If you take a close look, you will find his robe is simply made of 4 pieces of cloth.

Lord Voldemort

This face is unignorable! This is not Voldemort I used to picture. But its innocent face looks so adorable.

Funko Pop Harry Potter

They literally look like a family. They all have the same shape of head.

Except Dobby, all the figure's height is around 10 cm. Overall, they are all wonderful and worth collecting. They also perfectly show details of the Harry Potter characters. I only have two dissatisfaction: their hairstyles and no sense of villains for some characters.

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