As a Singaporean, overseas shopping is an instinctive behavior. It is another pattern of shopping. However, we may not hoot the cheapest products in this way.

We do take risks shopping overseas and make every last effort to get our ordered items. If not living up to our expectation for once, we might not want to experience overseas shopping anymore.

But in fact, there are some tips to cross-border shopping. Four tips can allow you opportunities to reduce chances of mistakenly shopping.

Multinational e-commerce platforms are your first choice.

Multinational e-commerce platforms have the following advantages:

  1. More and more multinational e-commerce sites are allowing international credit cards, which improves payment convenience.
  2. More merchants selling in these sites and offer a wider range of products.
  3. Evaluation system is transparent allowing you to filter our merchants with bad reputation.
  4. This kind of e-commerce sites is starting to offer international shipping service for customers from abroad.
  5. They have an organized return policy and process.
e-commerce sites for overseas shopping

Direct shippin vs. consolidated shipping

There is no answer for sure.But what I can tell you is that when you order too many items for once, you can select a trustworthy third-party forwarder to consolidate your products and ship them. Generally, how air shipping charges depends on either package weight or volume. As a result, consolidating packages together can make delivery space used more efficiently and save up more.

Shipping cost

Logistics is the last step of shopping process. Every consumer hopes to make shipping cost as low as possible. As we mentioned, direct or consolidated shipping is the key to shipping cost. Before purchase, you should check the provided information regarding product weight and volume. And then you can estimate your shipping cost and shop smartly.

overseas shipping cost


The tax we are saying could be consumption tax, state tax, and import tax. These costs are also unavoidable. For example, when receiving the service of third-party forwarders and sending your ordered items to the indicated address, you have to know how much state tax is according to which state the address is registered at.

Moreover, when imported, products might be taxed. Take Singapore as an example. Import tax will be imposed when your imported items are totally overall at over 400 SGD.

So considering tax regarding overseas shopping, you should not make impulsive purchase just because of slight price difference. Always calculate the total cost of products, shipping, and tax before deciding to make transaction to see if your purchase is really worth it.

State tax in the U.S.A.

We hope every overseas shopping enthusiasts can enjoy shopping after taking our suggestions into account.