If you’re a fitness enthusiast, chances is that you’ll need a fitness tracker.

Fitbit and Garmin trackers stood out among the rest as the top brands in the field - which is also why consumers are having such a tough time deciding which to get. Hence, we created this Fitbit vs Garmin review with in-depth analyses and comparison to help you decide. Let’s begin!

Overview of Fitbit and Garmin’s Best Models

Fitbit vs Garmin
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Let's start with Fitbit!

Fitbit made a name for itself with the successful launch of Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Surge. Later on, Fitbit made an even bigger success due to products like the Charge, Alta and Flex.

However, among all products in Fitbit, the big brother of them all is the Ionic. Also popularly compared with Apple watches, Ionic is the most developed Fitbit invention up to date. It has smartwatch-like features as well as 5ATM water resistance and built-in GPS. Most impressive of all, Ionic will soon be able to detect health conditions such as sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation, etc.

If you’re not too big on fitness goals, perhaps Fitbit’s Versa model is what you would want to go for instead of Ionic. It's a more generic model that's designed with style in mind, to use as an everyday smartwatch. Though it doesn't have built-in GPS, it’s waterproof (50 meters deep) and just like Ionic, it will also be able to detect health conditions soon.

Fitbit vs Garmin
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Now let’s talk about Garmin.

A lot of serious fitness junkies or professionals would prefer Garmin watches like the Garmin Forerunner 935. It’s because the Forerunners offer multiple core features like GPS, built-in heart rate monitor, metrics generated to optimise training and aid recovery, and has a huge reservoir of battery life - perfect for marathon runners or triathletes who need to go the distance. However, as compared to the rest of the models which we’ll cover below, this is not the most fashionable. Then again, if you’re a professional sportsperson looking for a tracker that helps you on your fitness journey, being fashionable might not be a priority.

If you’re not a professional athlete or sportsperson looking for the ultimate fitness tracking watch, perhaps you might prefer something like the Vivofit 4. It only has standard fitness tracking features such as steps, calories, distance, standing hours, etc. However, fashionable users will prefer this as it comes in a sleek look with various colours.

If you want the best of both worlds with fitness and looks combined, Garmin Vivosmart 4 is the gem for you. It has heart rate monitoring and VO2 Max, along with many other unique features. To top it off, it has a super cool and stylish design.

Fitbit vs Garmin Showdown

Fitbit vs Garmin

With so many functions on the table, it will literally take ages to go one by one in comparison. Therefore, we’ll just compare the most useful aspects users usually look for: activity tracking and sleep tracking

▶ Activity Tracking

Models in both brands will keep track of the basics: steps taken, and calories burned. Although they’ll also track your distance traveled, only the models with GPS (Ionic, Vivosport, and all of Garmin’s fitness models) will give you accurate distance metrics including pace, cadence, and elevation info.

Therefore if you’re looking for accuracy in terms of distance metrics, Garmin is on the forefront. Unless, you prefer the design of Ionic and Vivosport, which also has GPS functions.

▶ Sleep Tracking

Personally, Fitbit has the upper-hand when it comes to tracking sleep. Fitbit actually feeds you a lot of details on total time asleep, waking hours, REM, and even insight into your quality of sleep. Better yet, Fitbit’s app also provides you a sleep benchmark by calculating the recommended amount of sleep needed for your gender and age range. All of these info are reported daily and weekly so that you won’t miss a thing.

Garmin also tracks waking hours, quality of sleep, and movement. Garmin also tells you how much sleep you should be getting just like Fitbit, but the function is ‘hidden’ under the Insights tab - making it less user-friendly as compared to Fitbit.

Last but not least, Garmin can’t track REM sleep - which Fitbit easily can. To gather insights on these info is also less convenient when it comes to Garmin, as the info is not reported as seamlessly as Fitbit does.

In this case, if sleep tracking is more important than fitness tracking, then Fitbit is the better choice for you.


Fitbit vs Garmin

Both Fitbit and Garmin offer a wide range of devices, services, and apps that should fit most of your needs.

It all boils down to your individual priorities when it comes to fitness trackers: Are you a hardcore sportsperson? Looks vs. functionality? Is sleep tracking important too? And so forth.

Lastly, price is something everyone have to consider. Thanks to Comparee’s smart comparison system, you’ll be able to get the best price available for any model you want! To make it easier for you, comparison links for all the Fitbit vs Garmin models mentioned in this article are listed below. Simply click on the model names below and you’ll be on your way:

Fitbit Blaze
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Garmin Forerunner 935
Garmin Vivofit 4
Garmin Vivosmart 4

Happy shopping and get fit! 💪👟

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