The TV animation of "Evangelion" is the childhood No.1 in many people's hearts. Already 24 years since it was launched in 1995, but it is still popular until now. The theme area of the Evangelion in Universal Studios Japan always has a bunch of fans there to visit.

The Metal Build series "Evangelion Unit-01", which was released by Japan's BANDAI SPIRITS, was immediately sold out that time. Everyone was impressed by its exquisiteness, detail handling and mobility of each part. The official price is about 23000yen. Now the price is raised to 36000~53000yen, which is 2-3 times more than the original price. The person who wants to buy has to pay 2-3 times to get the opportunity to own it.

But there is also good news! Bandai Japan decided to re-release Evangelion Unit-01 again in September 2019, and started pre-order on April 26, and who didn't buy it last time finally got a chance to buy at the original price!

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Evangelion Theme Song
Classic theme song Evangelion


The joints and parts of this Evangelion Unit-01 are flexible to move. There are 5 sets of hand parts that can be replaced, and the head can be replaced with goggles mode. The mouth part can be opened, with the flexibility of the back can easily reproduce the classic blast mode.

It still remains cool, although the parts of the artificial creatures in the animation have been changed to metal coatings.

Each joint can be seen as if the real muscles are moving. It is really a very delicate movable model.

There are 5 kinds of weapon replacements in the whole set. The gun magazine can be disassembled and the sliding sleeve can be moved. The precision of each weapon is completely worth the price (original price).

Source: Metal Build

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