The annual Amazon Prime Day is about to debut on 7/15-16 U.S. time. A two-day exclusive membership promotion is expected by many people and they are all guessing what item would be on sale on Amazon this year. In the past years, there will be more than one million items of merchandise, especially Amazon's own branded products (such as Echo, Fire tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, etc.). If you love online shopping, you should not miss this promotion!

Amazon Prime Day

If you want to buy discounted items on Amazon Prime Day, you must first become a Prime member ($12.99/month, with benefits such as shipping fees, fast delivery, exclusive discounts, etc.).

Although there is also Amazon in Japan, it is not as convenient to use it in Asia as it is in Europe and the United States. There are not many people with Prime membership. However, there are ways to enjoy Amazon Prime Day membership benefits without registering for membership!

Amazon Prime Day - Echo
Amazon Prime Day Kindle
Amazon Prime Day Fire TV
Amazon Prime Day - Fire HD

Amazon Prime 30-day free trial

Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

Amazon offers a free trial of Prime membership for 30 days! So you can apply for a 30-day trial during the Prime Day of 7/15-7/16 and experience the discount!

If you don't plan to use it again after Prime Day within 30 days, remember to terminate your membership, or Amazon will extend your membership without notification!

Comparee Buys For You

If you have used the free 30-day Prime Day trial, or don't know how to place your order, you can use Comparee Checkout service, we will, as a Prime member, help you buy the items you want, and directly Estimate the international postage, customs, and other costs. The one-stop service helps you solve the problems of payment and logistics during cross-border shopping so that you can easily enjoy Prime Day's discounts!