Let Play a Dirty Little Prank on April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is a day full of dirty little gags and pranks. I so miss my old school time when we play trick and joked on each other! Just like screaming “Stand up” and all of your classmates stand up but actually the teacher did not arrive yet, or lending your friend your electric shock pen hehehhe(with an evil grin).

Want to give your family and friends some “surprise” but no idea? Comparee here to help you get a few laughs with these classic tricks!

1. No Tear Toilet Paper

April Fool's Day

It looks just like a real roll of toilet paper but with no breakable line! Replace your bathroom’s toilet paper with this no tear toilet paper and waiting for your brother-sister tries to use it. They will keep pulling and unwinding, pulling and unwinding…. WHAT!


2. Fake Pregnancy Test

April Fool's Day

You don’t actually need to do the test as the tester will always show the positive result, mean you are pregnant now. Show the result to your boyfriend or husband and waiting for his response!


3. Farting Cushion

April Fool's Day

Lets put a farting cushion on sofa seat that your family member used to sit. The whole living room will hear a loud POOT sound when he/she sit down! And you can just laugh on he/she funny and embarrassing face.


4. Potato Chip Snake 

April Fool's Day

Do you have any friends love to eat potato chip just like me? This potato chip snake would be the best prank solution! When he/she open the cans, the snake darts from the cans by a surprise, and give them a big scare.

5. Evil Grin Pet

April Fool's Day

Your cuddly plush pet is going to smile just like Toy Story did! It transforms from an innocent kitten to an evil cat when you squeeze its head. I don’t know if it’s your girlfriend or you can’t sleep tonight.

Bonus:The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1 

April Fool's Day

If the above recommendations are still not enough, here to give you a big one. The Ultimate Prank Kit No.1 contains whatever you need on your party. What should i call you? “Party King!”

By the way, not everyone enjoys the type of humor behind April Fool’s Day pranks. Be sure they are also a prank kaki and Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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