eBay is one of the earliest global shopping website. It is known for buy and sell of new and second-hand items for both consumers and business users. Started as an auction website, it has now evolved to “buy it now”, where a price has been set and you buy in the same way that you would from other online retailers. Often compared with its rival Amazon for product quality and price, eBay’s competitive edge is product selection, especially on limited edition & collectible items. You might also pick up some “good deals” sold by other consumers on gifts they don’t use, which most of time they are brand new, and unopened. In this guide, we’re going to teach you how to register an account on eBay, and make an international purchases.

Step 1:

Go to eBay website, if you are new to eBay, click “register” which on the upper left to register a new eBay account.

(If you are already an eBay member, just sign in and continue your shopping! Go Step 3.)


  1. You can “Buy as a guest” if the item is offered with “buy it now” and it's selling for less than $2,000, but if you want to bid on an auction item, you'll have to have an eBay account.

Step 2:

To create new account, you now have to fill in your name, email address, plus a password. After you have added your simple details, click “Create account” to submit your details. You can register with your facebook account too!


Step 3:

Now you can start your first shopping experience in eBay website! To explore your desired products, you can search by category or type the product name in the searching box.


Step 4:

You will reach a searching page which full of products after you typing your wanted item and simply click on the product photo or product title which you want to know more.

There's two types of listing on eBay:

  • Auction: Let you bid on item you want and has the opportunity to buy it at a low price (But you should also pay attention to the auction end time to avoid the items being won by other buyers.)
  • Buy It Now: Let you pay a fixed-price and buy the item directly.


  1. Column at the left hand side can help you shop efficient by filter out unwanted condition.
  2. To shop wisely by comparing price before buying, you can go [Comparee] to find the lowest price among 10 thousand merchants.
  3. Besides considering of the price, don’t forget consider based on the seller's excellent evaluation before choosing to buy an item.

Step 5:

Check out the product description and product image to know more about the product. Don’t forget to confirm the item is available to ship to your country and it shipping term by clicking “See details” under the shipping fees’ section.


  1. Place your cursor on image, you can see a zoom-in image.
  2. Scroll down to see more details about product description, product information, shipping, payment and return policy, it may help you to make smart decision!
  3. eBay shipping term is based on seller’s preference, if eBay doesn’t offer shipping of the item you really love to your country, or you think the shipping cost is too high, you can choose forwarding services like [buyipee] to help you. So, you can ship the items to their address in the US, and they will forward your order to your place with international shipping.

Step 6:
Fill in the quantity of the item you want to purchase in the "Quantity" section and change to your country in the "Change country" section. Then click "Get Rates", the shipping fees and number of arrival days for the items you purchased will be shown. In addition, please confirm that your credit/debit card is in accordance with the payment method provided by the seller.


  1. If your seller is using eBay's Global Shipping Program, all the logistical challenges of international shipping, such as customs clearance, will be taken care of for you. If your seller doesn't participate in the Global Shipping Program, you can still buy from them. However, how you pay fees and import charges will differ.
    Kindly refer to below link:

Step 7:

Just click the “Add to cart” button if you want to continue shopping or click the “Buy It Now” button if you decide to buy it after everything is confirm!


Step 8:

If you done adding your desired items to your cart, click “Cart” which on the upper right, and click “Go to checkout” to make purchase.


  1. Besides weights and sizes, shipping fees also calculate based on item location and your shipping place.

Step 9:

Just choose which country you want to ship by clicking the drop down list and you will go to a “Sign in” page. eBay will ask you to sign in again to confirm your identity before making purchase. Just enter the email and password which you registered. Click “Sign in” button below to continue.


Step 10:

Enter your shipping address for the order, then click “Go to checkout”.


Step 11:
To confirm your phone number, eBay require you to do verification by phone call or enter the PIN which send to your phone.


Step 12:

eBay accepts PayPal, local credit card or debit cards as their payment option. You can add your payment methods by filling your details then click “Confirm and pay” to complete your first purchase of eBay!


  1. How you pay for an item on eBay will depend on the payment methods that your seller accepts. In most categories, sellers have to accept PayPal or credit cards, but they may choose to offer other options as well.