Funko believes that "Pop culture is everywhere", and makes a lot of cute big-eyed, rectangle-head figures based on characters from the movies, music, games and even the sports star you love. Just like my most beloved American drama series, Game of Thrones final season which is now airing!

Are They Look Alike?

Do you think the Funko versions similar to the real world version? Funko can always let us have enough detail to know who are them. Actually, they made not just limited to the main cast and even secondary characters and also animals, just like Daenery's dragons and Stark's wolf! Let's make a comparison at the following characters between Funko and drama:

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Many of GoT big fans keen to know the ending as who is going to take the Iron Throne? Who will be the winner in this game of thrones? Funko has released some new GoT's figure who sits on the throne, let we guess at it...

Could it be our brave fellow, Jon Snow?
or Mother of Dragons, Daenerys?
or our cute yet smart halfman, Tyrion?
or the master of white walker, Night King?
or the bitch Queen mother, Cersei?

Unfortunately, we can only guess and will never know the ending until the coming May...However, these cute Funko let us have some imagination as well!!

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