The online market is growing exponentially. There is continual expansion from the developed countries as well as huge growth from developing countries. In the past people spent most of their money at walk in retail stores, but this trend is changing fast. More and more people are turning to online shopping on a daily basis, they even begin to do cross border shopping.

What are the benefits of global online shopping for the consumer?

The internet has firstly, allowed people to compare goods virtually before purchasing them. Many websites even offer a price comparison service to make it even easier. They are able to look at prices and other aspects of goods and services available, both locally and globally. There is huge potential for online businesses today and it is now possible to expand your customer base so that you can reach people from a much larger area than you would have been able to from a brick and mortar store. Let's look at global shopping from the perspective of a buyer.

The top 3 reasons buyers choose to shop cross-border?

1. Wider selection of items : Most brick and mortar stores will try and stay up to date with the latest trends. However, it is not always feasible to keep everything available in-store and older items become out-of-stock items. It is also not possible to satisfy the wants and needs of every person, so stores tend to carry the most popular items only. This changes online. No matter where you are in the world, you have access to many global shopping websites that will give you access to almost anything you could be interested in. You have access to the latest products as they become available, perhaps long before they are available in stores locally. You also still have access to the popular goods, but now you will be able to price shop and pick up discounts that you might not have found anywhere else. 2. Pricing:For almost any consumer today, price is important. People will look for deals at their local stores and perhaps look at the discounts offered locally in their hard copy newspapers. Global shopping online changes the way people look for bargains. The online retail stores tend to be quite competitive and you are able to purchase name brands and popular items at better pricing. If you are looking for better pricing, you can do further searches and compare pricing from suppliers all over the world. Many online retailers will offer special deals and great pricing in order to build a market and an online presence globally. There are many discounts and deals available to the discerning buyer. Also, it does not take too much time to compare the prices from various suppliers as opposed to walking from store to store in search of the best price. Global shopping can save you time and money while still allowing you a wide range of choices and quality of goods. 3. Seasonal specials : The joy of global shopping is seen most clearly when it comes to being able to buy special deals at all times of the year. You can also buy clothing for the next season of buy end of season specials for a season that has not yet started for you. Black Friday is a well known discount shopping day in the USA and is just before Christmas, allowing you to buy items at major marked down prices. There are thousands of online retail stores in the US that offer prices of up to 80% off the usual retail price on Black Friday. Global shopping allows you to take part in this discount frenzy even if you don't live in the USA. There are a number of other holidays the USA celebrates such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day and Cyber Monday that are celebrated locally and stores offer discount pricing on the holidays and leading up to them. You can take part in the specials, without having to get on a plane to the USA. Many other countries also celebrate their local and religious holidays, which may be different from yours, but will still allow you to buy goods at better rates than you would normally.

Okay I am convinced, but where do I start?

With thousands of merchants and millions of products in the online market, finding a starting point is already a hectic process. Are you sure Amazon offers the best price? Are you sure eBay carries the widest selection? How many other websites do you have to browse to make sure you are not "ripped-off"? Online shopping should be fun and easy (at least in the perspective of a woman), no one wants to waste 30 minutes doing price comparison when they can use this time for something more worthwhile. Comparee was created to resolve these headaches. It is a worldwide e-commerce search engine that allows consumers from all over the world to buy goods online from many suppliers in many different countries. You will have access to more than billion products from more than million merchants in Germany, USA or the UK and do comparative shopping all on one website. The goods are divided into categories if you prefer to browse products instead of searching individual items. You are able to view details for each item, a full description, and an overview so that you have a clear idea of what you would be purchasing. Having all these items on one website saves you time and money. And you don't need to search and scroll through numerous websites to find what you are looking for. Take a look, you might find something you like.