The international color institute, Pantone used to announce the representative color of the next coming year in December in the past 20 years. Followed by Ultra Violet in 2018, Pantone has announced the 2019 dominated color - PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral.
The color is defined as:

An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge

By Pantone

Hmm, you may still not understand the colour if just look from the description. As I see, the colour of living coral is a kind of combination of peach, orange, pink, and a little bit gold colour. We have love-hate feeling to the colours announced by Pantone every year, sometimes the colour is soft, just like rose quartz & serenity in 2016, even if there is no strong personality, at least it is easy to be close. Sometimes we get "bad luck", Pantone chose a "bad" colour, just like ultra-violet last year which very hard to match with any style. At this time of last year, I guess the OS in many people's minds sure is: "Who is going to wear this dark violet every day? Hope next year won't be worse...".

Yes, colour of this year is much better! It is bright and orangish, represents warmth and lively, symbolizes people's demands and desire for optimism. Just as coral reefs provide habitats and shelters for marine life; vibrant and mellow living corals provide us comfortability in today's ever-changing environment. While giving cultural connotations to the “vibrant coral color”, Pantone hopes to bring back the natural connection for people who living in the digital world through the vibrant coral.

Why Living Coral

Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute told the media that the environment is playing an increasingly important role for two reasons. "One is that we are too dependent on technology. Because we are so closely connected with things that are not real, we need to find a balance - to establish a close relationship with something real, nothing is more real than nature." On the one hand, "we are looking at the status quo of nature and the exhaustion of resources. When we think about the nature of world change, a positive and vibrant colour appears." Need to clarify again and again, Pantone's annual color is not a prediction of the trend, "it is like a colour snapshot, recording what is happening at a certain moment in culture."

Due to the Pantone has always been an indicator of future colour trends, the world's fashion, industry, film, art, social economy, and even sports events, pay considerable attention to Pantone's annual representative color every year. However, adding Living Coral into your lifestyle won’t just look nice, but it will obviously set the vibe you are going for. While the color might be very specific for some tastes, it can be used in a variety of ways to fit your styles. From appearance to accessories you have, this colour will find its way style into your life.

Scroll down to see how Living Coral style your life:


It is not difficult at all to use the color to create the most popular appearance of 2019, just make some changes in your makeup, to be more exaggerate, change your hair color, repair a chic nails, you can be the most popular one!

What You Need?

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living coral
Marc Jacobs

The buoyant hue came in hot and saturated the spring and summer 2019 runways, fashion love to embrace trends, timing is everything. So get ahead to add some coral pieces your wardrobe!

What You Need? 

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Home and Living

living coral
Stamatios Giannikis

Coral is a vibrant and warm colour as before said, but it can be tricky to decorate with. One of the effective ways to add coral into your life is by painting your living space in coral. However, it is not suitable for everyone, so decorate your space with coral by adding these small elements isn’t expensive. Start with some throw pillows and a chair, or some home accessories. Warm up your space on a budget!

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living coral
Note Design Studio
living coral
Dorothee Junkin Design Studio

What You Need?

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If you want a little of Living Coral in your personal life, you can have some accessories like mugs and notebooks in hand, and there's even an iPhone XR in the Living Coral! Let get inspired by the things below!

What You Need?

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