Coconut has always been a wonder of nature that’s packed with health benefits. This yummy fruit is not only great to be eaten, but it’s also an amazing ingredient for beauty products 🥥🌴

Come, enjoy this list of coconut-infused beauty products that will make you beautiful head-to-toe! PS: They’re available with best deals too.

Oh K! Hydrating Face Mask Sheets - Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask

Coconut face mask

Beauty regime starts from taking care of the face!

Come with cute packaging, this set of masks carries a hint of sweet coconut scent. Though it might appear slimy, it’s actually not sticky and creamy to the touch. Within just 20 minutes of application, this mask will soften your skin immediately and also increase the moisture barrier in the long run!

You can order this directly from ASOS (the brand’s official site) for £8, since we’ve not seen this product anywhere else. Alternatively, you can order it via our merchants for better deals! Check out the price comparisons via the button below.

Jason Natural Care Smoothing Coconut Body Wash

Coconut body wash

Since we shower on a daily basis, getting the best care for our skin has to come from body wash. This coconut-infused body wash gently cleans and nourishes our body (every nook and corner) with coconut oil and shea butter. Rich in nourishing vitamin E and antioxidant polyphenols, it restores the softness of our skin on a daily basis. You’ll feel your body getting softer, smoother and deliciously renewed after each shower!

It’s not widely available in Malaysia unfortunately, but you can still get it here with the best price offers!

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub - Coconut

lip scrub

Lips are one part of the face that we should never neglect! The best way to have chapped-free and smooth kissable lips is to do scrubs occasionally. One of the most popular scrubs that actually soften and moisturises the lips, is Sara Happ’s coconut lip scrub.

Sadly, it’s not available locally. But don’t fret just yet, you can get it here! Check out the price comparison in the button below.

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

bum bum cream

Imagine having a great looking bum without the need to do squats or painful cellulite treatments 🍑

Tweeted as the “best smelling cream in the world” by Shawn Mendes, this cream is more than just a fragrant treat. Made for the ‘bum’ as the name has it, this cream smoothens the skin with coconut oil and cupuaçu butter as main ingredients. It also minimizes the appearance of cellulite by dehydrating the fat (thanks to the rich amount of caffeine in its ingredient).

This cream works so well, it keeps selling out almost every time, sometimes within minutes! Since it’s so hard to get (especially in our local market) we’ve got a solution for you - it’s available here with the best price offer!

RMS Beauty’s "Un" Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation

RMS concealer

RMS Beauty is a brand founded by Rose-Marie Swift, the makeup artist to Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr. This brand is famous for its use of centrifuge-pressed coconut oil in the makeup products, that is actually beneficial to the skin while making you look good!

“Un" Cover-Up Concealer + Foundation is a lightweight and hydrating concealer that will last throughout hot summer days (perfect for our weather!) that also nourishes your skin.

It’s available at Sephora Malaysia, but did you know that you can also get it cheaper here (with shipping and tax included)? Check out the price comparisons for yourself 👇

Theme Fragrance Sarong Vanilla Coconut Perfume

Coconut perfume

Coconuts smell so good, don't you wish to smell like them all day long? Here’s your chance! Since it’s small and compact, you can also carry this perfume with you everywhere and anywhere too!

It’s not available locally, but you sure can grab it here with the best price offers.

Cocolean - ULTRA FINE charcoal powder


Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be expensive, just use coconut! Well, actually activated charcoal coconut shell powder to be exact - which is what Cocolean is made of.

This is a holistic alternative to oral health, made 100% from virgin Asian coconut shell charcoal. Benefits include: teeth whitening to a few shade lighter, strengthening the enamel, and prevents bad breath.

You can get it here with the best price offers, since it’s not available locally. 👇

Coco & Eve, Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque


Coco & Eve’s hair mask is famous for its concentrated levels of shea butter, fig and coconut oil. All you have to do is leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and you’ll immediately get smoother, glossier, and super-hydrated hair. It's also completely vegan and works on all hair types!

Can’t find it in your local physical stores? Forget the walking and scouting, get it shipped directly to your doorstep with the best price offer!

So which one is these products would you try? Or better yet, why not EVERYTHING! Basked in the wonderful benefits of coconut while looking at your best 👩✨

Coconut gif

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