As smartphones are becoming popular, taking photos and filming become easier, too. With the higher demand of photo and film file storage, people are getting used to uploading their files to a cloud drive. However, this can come along with inadequate storage and cybersecurity issues. The most common cloud drives, like Google and Dropbox, are hacked before, for example. If confidential data are easily leaked and upgrading storage costs extra, cloud storage would not sound so attractive anymore.

Hoping to take the liberty of expanding storage and meanwhile assure cybersecurity? Network attached storage is your alternative option. There are three reasons why you should use NAS:

Flexible Storage

Cloud storage is decided by payment plans, while NAS is tailored to your storage needs and its storage is not limited.

100% Anti-hacking

Cloud storage can be hacked and then cause locked accounts and personal information leaked. So it can put you in a data-vulnerable situation. In contrast, NAS has its own security protocol. Take QNAP TS-228 for example. It has multiple cybersecurity choices, including two-step verification, encrypted access, IP blocking, antivirus, etc. These can stop all unauthorized users from stealing data.

Multimedia Stream

NAS also features supporting media streaming. You can stream your multimedia library to TV and other electronic devices by NAS. Then you can share and enjoy your music and video collection in your house.

NASCloud storage
Spacedepends on your needs to select an ideal drive.depends on payment plan or creating an extra new account
Cybersecurity installed with multiple security options, effectively stopping hackers Public cloud
privacy and security are not guaranteed
Functionbackup, sharing, media streamingbackup, sharing