We love to SHOP, not only from offline brick and mortar store but also on online marketplaces. And we shop EVERYWHERE, not only in local stores but also from overseas sites! Do you know any other thing that Malaysian love to buy from overseas, in addition to clothing, shoes, bags, beauty & healthy product, toys, and collectible, etc.? Yes, electronics product and home appliances are also very popular among Malaysian shopaholics.

"Cost Saving" is the biggest reason why everyone goes to foreign countries to buy electronics products. Besides Warranty, Voltage will be the most common concerned for everyone when buying these foreign appliances. You may wish to ask "Can the electrical appliances bought from overseas can be plugged directly?"

Yes, the voltage and frequency of each country are different. Below is a list of voltage and frequency comparisons for Malaysia and four other countries that people always purchase electrical appliances from.

CountriesCommon socket style
(cf. below)
Frequency (hertz)
United StatedB120V60Hz

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Do I Need A Voltage Converter?

As can be seen from the above table, the voltage in the US and Japan is in the range of 100-120V so you will need a step-down voltage converter to change the electrical output of a power source. If the appliances are from a European country, you are safe to use them directly as their voltages are between 220-240V. There are also something interesting, you might see some of the appliances labels that the voltage in between 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, then the appliance can be used in every country in the world.

You may curious about, are the number of Hertz affect the appliances? The answer is NOPE! Most of the modern electronic device including cell phone chargers, computers, TVs and etc. normally will not be affected by the number of Hertz.

Do I Need A Plug Adapter?

Plus, the socket styles vary in different countries, you may need a plug adapter. A plug adapter is not a converter, it only allows you to connect and match your foreign devices or appliances with the electrical socket. Although appliances from European countries do not require a voltage converter but still require a plug adapter to be used in Malaysia.

Sometime, you may just need a universal power adapter that combines the converter and plug adapter together! To remind you, brands with a good reputation are preferred to avoid the danger of electricity in the future. Furthermore, you can save more electricity cost and the product's life can be extended.

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