If you can buy a iPhone XS with lowest price in another country, why not? However, besides its price, you also need to care about it warranty. Especially for iPhone and Mac which cost you a fortune, you have to read through its warranty policy and then decide which country you would like to choose to buy apart from in Singapore.

Where is iPhone XS cheaper than in Singapore?

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were released in 2018. When every time it comes to this season, netizens always search for iPhone prices from all over the world and make comparison. Among all the Asian countries, Japan has the cheapest iPhone XS Max sold.

iPhone XS price gap is huge between in Singapore and in Japan?

[table id=15 /] The table refers to Apple official website. As you can see in the above table, the largest price difference of iPhone XS Max 512 GB is 320 SGD. iPhone XS and XS Max favored by most consumers have price differences: 289 SGD and 293 SGD. Most price differences of iPhone XR are around 180 SGD. It seems it is reasonable to buy iPhone from Japan. But is it true?

Duty Issue about iPhone XS sold in Japan

The listed Japan's iPhone prices do not include duty. In contrast, Singapore's official website listed the prices which all already include sales tax. This means actually you have to pay more than what Japan's official site says unless duty is refunded when shopping on-site rather than online.

Which iPhone has international warranty or regional warranty?

There is an easy way to tell: if the iPhone can be inserted with a SIM card. Apples warranties are international except those iPhones whose warranty is only valid in the country and have exclusive compatibility for SIM card. So basically, the iPhone warranty depends on SIM card compatibility. As for iPad, it has two versions - Wi-Fi and Cellular. Wi-Fi iPad without SIM card slot has international warranty, while cellular iPad has regional warranty. This theory also applies to Mac. It cannot be inserted with SIM, so it has international warranty. But Apple Watch is a special case. Its warranty policy is complex, so I would suggest you go to the official website to go through it.

Which iPhone has international repair service?

Apple international warranty provides international repair service, while regional warranty only grant access to local repair service.

Where should I go for warranty service?

There are two options - warranty offered by dealership and that offered by telecommunications companies. If your iPhone is bought from iStudio and other Apple authorized resellers, when it is broken, you can send it to Apple authorized service provider, like QCD Wheelock, for repair. If your phone is purchased in an Apple authorized telecommunications company, like Singtel,  you can go back to it and have your phone repaired.

When does iPhone XS warranty start?

It starts from the date of original retail purchase by a end-user buyer instead of initiating the smartphone. And the warranty starting data should be the same as the date printed on the receipt. If you find them inconsistent, you should call the Apple's customer service.

PS for buyers of Japan's iPhone XSiPhone XS camera

  • Don't buy iPhone XS with locked SIM card
Some Japan's iPhone has exclusive partnerships with telecommunications company. In the case that users sign a contract with telecom companies, they cannot shift their SIM cards to others. So even if you buy this kind of iPhone from Japan to Singapore, it is not usable.
  •  Camera shutter sound of Japan's camera can't be turned off
Because of Japan's law, camera shutter sound cannot be turned off if you use iPhone XS installed camera app. But if you use other camera apps, which is not realistic for most users, you can still turn the sound off. So if you are shy and do not want to take a picture with camera shutter sound in public, you'd better not buy a iPhone XS from Japan.