There are many ways of shopping online and using search engines are a good way to find a few different suppliers and prices of products you are interested in. Some of the best ways include the use of comparison shopping websites. These sites allow you to view comparative pricing and products from many different retailers on one page. This allows you a saving in time and money as well as allowing you to pick up bargains from retailers worldwide.

Here is a list of some of the best global shopping services available on the internet today :

Nextag has been in operation for over 18 years and receives around 30 million visitors on their site each month. The site allows for sales of real estate, products, travel bookings and event tickets, offering a wide variety of products and services to their consumers. Google Shopping is another well known site which offers an added benefit of displaying products listed on the Google Shopping platform on the normal search results pages as well as integrating them in to Adwords, which is generally a pay-per-click service that would be paid for separately by online retailers. Google shopping offers a selection of products with some comparative pricing to offer a decent comparative shopping service. Unfortunately it is not available in all regions yet. Price Grabber offers many benefits to their retailers such as pricing trends and purchase tracking to allow e-commerce businesses to offer in-demand products at the correct pricing to generate sales. This market research tool means that most savvy retailers will be offering well priced goods that many online shoppers are searching for. The site also adds products to Yahoo shopping, which means a better outreach for the retailers on the site and more exposure for their products. This also makes the e-commerce site easier to find for the online shopper. The eBay group offers as a online channel for e-commerce businesses to market their products to potential consumers. The site lists many top brands and products and the search is simple and easy to use. The comparison shopping site is more geared towards shoppers that have not yet made a decision on what to purchase and gives easy comparisons to work with. Shopzilla has been in operation for 21 years and boasts an impressive 40 million visitors and potential shoppers every month. This comparative shopping site currently lists over 100 million products and offers an affiliate program to further enhance their reach. Become is a comparative shopping site focussed on lines such as clothing, jewellery, health and beauty, computers, electronics as well as home and garden products. Many of the top brands are represented offering a wide range of luxury and day to day items at market related pricing. You can compare pricing from various retailers ensuring the best deal and excellent service from merchants worldwide. Bing Shopping uses the search results on the Bing search engine page to offer consumer friendly comparative results. Online shoppers that make use of the Bing search engine will have access the Bing shopping and be able to view comparative pricing from many online retailers. Retailers need to start on the platform early in the year to have their products listed on the search engine during seasons such as Christmas which generate extra traffic on the site. Comparee is another comparative shopping site with a lot to offer. The site connects to over 14,000 marketplaces & online shops, offers from million of merchants, and carry billion of products. The site also offers the added benefits of translation of product information in to a number of languages as well as displaying prices from retailers worldwide in some of the more common currencies for easier comparison. The site facilities shipping and offers extra services such as tax estimation, approximate handling costs and so forth to reduce additional cost shocks when the products arrive. Amazon is another well known site, which is not strictly speaking a comparative shopping site, but it does allow a number of retailers to list their products on the site, which allows for a larger range of products and pricing being available to online shoppers. PriceRunner is a Swedish based price comparison website that was founded in 1999 and offers an extra service of sending prices via sms as well as the usual online price comparisons. The site offers comparatives of prices on goods such as electronics, computers, small appliances, gaming and photography equipment. Idealo is based in Germany and while it may offer products globally, the site is in German and is not user friendly for most other languages. Prices are also only offered in one currency which makes this site hard to use for international shoppers. DealNews is a comparative shopping site focussed mostly on apparel and electronics and prices goods in USD only. The site offers a reasonably large range of products and many discounts at various times on specific products. The site also offers a number of sponsored deals which allow you to purchase goods at a reduced rate provided you comply with the information contained within the advertisement. Ciao is another comparative shopping site in Europe which also has websites worldwide offering a review service of products for shoppers to read and investigate, which are also rated by other users in terms of usefulness. The site claims an estimated audience of around 29 million people. The site offers reviewers compensation when their reviews are read and also for referrals and surveys. Latest update: website showdown MySimon is a comparative shopping site owned by CBS Interactive. The site offers price comparisons, buying advice and shopping recommendations and has been in operation for around 19 years. The site uses a search engine to direct users to various online retailers in order to compare prices, quality and service of available products. No matter which comparative shopping site you use, look for one that offers a comprehensive service in order to save time and money and get the most relevant products related to your search. Sites that assist with information on added costs such as shipping and taxes, as well as those that make the comparisons easier to read through currency conversions and language translations may be a good option for those wanting all the information at their fingertips.