No matter how hard we try, sometimes home-cooked meals aren’t the same as meals made in a Michelin restaurant. The problem might not your cooking or the recipe - sometimes it’s just the tools we use! Here are a few essentials that will elevate your cooking to a ‘Master chef’ level 👩‍🍳

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ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

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Do you know how are the best steaks cooked? One of the ways they use is called ‘sous vide’ - literally translates to ‘under vacuum’. Like the name, it’s a cooking technique Michelin-starred chefs have been using to make tender, juicy, and perfect steaks.

Now, this is not the easiest task in the world, as it requires experience and precision in controlling temperatures precisely. However, with this tool, anyone can make quality ‘sous vide’ steaks as it does the temperature controlling for us! It’s also user-friendly, as it’s compatible with Alexa, iOS and Android devices.

You can also learn all the 5-star recipes you can make with this device on ChefStep’s official YouTube page!

GoWISE Air Fryer

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Craving for some homemade french fries or fried chicken? This air fryer literally fries food without oil, but with pressurised hot air. Which means aside than keeping the kitchen grease-free, you’ll also have a healthier meal and save money by not wasting a whole pot of oil!

To make your life easier, this air fryer has 8 presets: warm, fries/chips, chicken, steak, shrimp, pork, cake, and fish. You’re just one button away from a hearty meal!

Professional Kitchen Knife Set (with Acrylic Stand)

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What is a chef without proper kitchen knives? This set includes everything you need 👉 8" chef's knife, 8" bread knife, 8" carving knife, 5" all-purpose knife, 3.5" paring knife, 4.5" steak knives (6pc), and also an acrylic stand!

Don’t worry about the price, we’ve did the comparison for you!

Lantana ‘Smart Sharp’

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With professional knives, you’ll need a good knife sharpener to maintain them too! As you can see, this ‘Smart Sharp’ sharpener has 3-slot system👉 the 1st sharpening slot repairs and straightens damaged blades, the 2nd slot sharpens to restore its V-shape, and finally the 3rd slot fine tunes for a clean polish.

Bring this home with the best price offer!

ONSON Food Chopper


Even if you bought the knives set above, doesn’t mean that you MUST do all the chopping laboriously. It was found by doctors, that chopping too much will cause carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling pain in the wrist). Therefore, every kitchen should have a vegetable chopper like this! This product also comes with a safety glove, so that you won’t cut yourself.

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

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The same thing with meat, you don’t have to laboriously mince them manually anymore - use a meat grinder! This grinder is also safe, as the blades are fully enclosed to prevent any chance of injury. It also comes with a ‘pusher’ (the white stick shown) to push meats into grinder without risking your fingers in the feeder.

See? Being a ‘Master chef’ also means being a smart chef 😉 Get this grinder with the lowest price available.

Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale


One of the most important traits of a ‘Master chef’ is to be accurate in your recipe measurements! Thus, having a kitchen scale is really important. Ozeri’s scale is like no other, as it has a layer of antimicrobial protection to prevent stain and bacteria from food!

This scale is available here (with price comparisons to make your life easier too).

NutriFresh™ Vacuum Sealer


One of the biggest factor in making quality food… is the freshness of the ingredients. Keep everything in your fridge fresh (be it new or leftovers) with this machine!

Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Hand Blender


Who blends manually? Definitely not a smart chef! This blender is highly recommended, as it is patented with the PowerBell technology: a blending technology proven to produce finer results and also the SPLASHControl technology:  that effectively prevent splashing!

Get your hands on this blender here, with the best deals around.

MasterChef (TM): The Ultimate Cookbook

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The final step to becoming a Master Chef at home… is to have guidance from past Master Chefs themselves! Let this cookbook transform you from an amateur to a culinary master! There are over 100 recipes and 50 beautiful food photos for your eyes to feast on.

▶ With these products, you’ll be able to become your own Master Chef and whip up Michelin quality food in no time. Do you also have family or friends who love cooking as much as you do? Spread the love by sharing this article with them too 🍽🔪🍳

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Till’ then, happy cooking! 👩‍🍳

Guest Post by Diana 
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