Many mothers don't know how to choose a baby stroller, because there are many factors to consider when purchasing a stroller, and there are different types of brands available on the market, and the price has different ranges. Even if the selection is not easy, mothers should not be sloppy. The French brand Babyzen Yoyo and the Norwegian brand Stokke are quite popular. How are actually the two bb strollers?

Lightweight umbrella Babyzen Yoyo

Applicable age 6~36 months

Babyzen Yoyo +
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● Light: The overall Babyzen Yoyo + body weighs only 6.2kg, which is light and smooth to push, saving a lot of burdens.
● Convenient folding: The main advantage is that Babyzen Yoyo + can be folded with one hand. When mom has to use one hand to carry the baby, she can fold Babyzen Yoyo +, whose size is only 52 * 20 * 44 after folding it, and then hold it.
● The design of the transparent area of ​​the canopy can be used to observe the baby and make the mother feel safe.
● Strong load-bearing ability: The baby grows fast, so the stroller's bearing capacity has to be strong so that it can be used longer. Babyzen Yoyo + can be used until children become three years old and four years old, which is longer than the average BB stroller.
● The back has a hardboard: Babyzen Yoyo + can prevent problems, such as the baby's scoliosis.


● The shock absorber effect is not good: I feel thatBabyzen Yoyo +'s shock absorber effect is slightly worse than the average BB stroller. Therefore, it is recommended that Babyzen Yoyo + is suitable for those babies who are older than 6 months.
● Small shopping basket capacity: Babyzen Yoyo + is mainly characterized by lightweight, so there are not too many spaces as the shopping basket.
● Narrow body: Babies could feel that Babyzen Yoyo +'s body is narrow, and the baby may not feel comfortable.

High landscape Stokke Xplory V5

Applicable age 6~36 months

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● Flexibility: The seat can be adjusted in both forward and reverse directions, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs of the baby and mother. Also, its height can be adjusted from the ground. There are foot pedals under the seat, which are used to adjust the height according to the baby's leg length, making babies feel comfortable.
● The shopping basket has a large capacity: large shopping basket capacity is very important for the mother when the mother goes out carrying too many items.
● The shock absorber effect is strong: when the baby becomes bigger, the mother can carry it with the umbrella stroller. In opposite, the newborn baby needs a more stable stroller. The stability of the stokke is better than other umbrella strollers.


● You can't finish the stroller in one go, and folding the stroller is cumbersome. And after folding it, it takes up space and affects carrying other luggage. It can be only placed in the trunk of an SUV.
● The price-performance ratio is not high; its price is high in the category of BB stroller.
● The weight of the stroller is up to 15kg, the frame is 8.4kg, the seat is 3.8kg. It is difficult to move it.

Overall Comparison

comfortableV5 > yoyo + 
shock absorberV5 > yoyo +
ease of pushing the strolleryoyo + > V5 
weightyoyo + < V5
loading weightyoyo + > V5
volume when foldedyoyo + < V5 

Keyword Notes

Two-way pushing

BB cars can be pushed in the forward direction, and can be reverse. In the forward direction, the baby can see higher and farther scenery. In the reverse direction, the baby and the mother can communicate face to face, allowing the baby to see the mother and to enhance the baby's sense of security. There are two ways of reversing the two-way stroller. One is to change the armrest and the other is to change the seat.

The height of the seat from the ground

50cm or more is a high-view cart, and the seat height is often higher than the ground. The advantage is that the baby can stay away from the hazards of the car exhaust. In summer, the higher the distance from the ground, the less the ground heat is reflected, and the cooler the inside stroller is. Secondly, the shock absorber effect and the overall balance performance are good. However, the disadvantages of the stroller from the ground are that the price is expensive and that the weight is heavy.


The awning is one of the necessary consideration factors for the BB. The visible window on the awning is also very important. Mother can see the baby at any time.


The back of the stroller is divided into two categories: adjustable and fixed angle. The back of the chair is preferably tough and supported, designed to fit the baby's ergonomics to protect the baby's yet-mature neck and back. The back of the chair would be better if its declination is 100-170 degrees. (170-degree for anti-spitting milk, 100-degree for back support)


BB stroller folding is very important. At present, there are mainly three ways to fold the stroller:

● 3 folds for folding: you need two hands to fold the stroller while many brands support one-handed folding
● first fold left and right. Then fold up and down
● folded in front and back.

Although the simpler is better, the safety of the stroller is closely related to the stability. So it is important to consider convenience as well as safety.


The brake is divided into a double-brake and a single brake. The EU standard requires a double-brake structure, which avoids the danger of tripping the car after a single wheel brake.

Seat belts

Any stroller must have a seat belt to protect the baby from falling out of the stroller. There are currently three types of seat belts: a five-point seat belt system, a three-point seat belt system, and a two-point seat belt system. In most European and American countries, a five-point seat belt has already replaced a traditional three-point and a two-point seat belt.


It takes a newborn baby a long time to grow its muscles and bones, and it easily gets injured when hit, so suspension should be able to protect the baby from bumping on the road. There are three common designs for suspension: wheel, spring, and frame suspension.

This article is credited to our Hong Kong blogger Emma Lin