In this "Era of Wireless", all gadgets are going to be wireless. And now, people already cannot be satisfied by the general wireless charger, not only consider the charging speed, but also the style!

I saw someone uploaded a video about wireless charger in shape of a magic circle on Twitter, it will first run through a magic circle animation before charging started. Although the special effects in the video are post-production, many netizens screamed out: "Take my money now!"

But, this time you can buy it!

Are you satisfied with its magical effects? A Japanese Zelda's savvy fan shared his purchase of the Sheikah wireless charging disk. It’s not only the lighting effects but also the Sheikah sound effects together!

wireless charger
wireless charger

As a Zelda's fan, I was amazed by this creative wireless charging device and the effects, and now you can find it on Amazon Japan!