Singapore & Malaysia are humid and rainy. So once food is incorrectly stored, it is prone to mold and insects. Rice is highly hygroscopic, has fast metabolism of nutrients, is prone to decay and insects, so it needs a rice box with better sealing performance. Speaking of home storage, Japanese housewives' advice is always correct!


Japan's daily household brands have always adhered to the classic characteristics of Japanese products: simple lines, soft colors, and well-functional. ASVEL, the best-seller in Japan, is a damp-proof and insect-repellent rice box. It has good sealing properties and does not leak rice when users get rice out of it.

1. Independent rice warehouse, old rice first out

In summer rice is prone to moisture, and moldy rice produces aflatoxin, which is difficult to be removed even after washing and cooking. It can cause harm to the human body after consumption.

The common rice barrels are basically box-type. The lid must be opened first, and then users can get rice. That is the time bacteria come in easily, and rice is also susceptible to moisture. Asvel rice box is designed as a separate rice warehouse. After pouring into rice, you don't need to open it again. You can press the rice button to get rice. It can effectively prevent insects and dust from entering it, and keep the inside of the box dry and clean.

Because of the design of the independent rice warehouse, you don't need to pour out the rice every time you add new rice, and you don't have to wait until you eat the rice in the rice box and buy new rice.

2. Metering before taking rice, avoiding leftovers


Take the 12kg rice box as an example. Each time you press the rice button, you can attain 150g, about 2-3 bowls of rice. In addition to rice, it is also very convenient to store other miscellaneous grains. Its transparent window can allow users to see the remains of rice. And the interior is a funnel design, the rice will automatically slide down and will not be stuck in the corner position.

3. Safety material, easy to clean


The rice box is made of PP material whose molecular structure is stable, and it allows direct contact with food. It is environmentally friendly and has no odor. The entire rice device can be opened and cleaned, and its assembly is simple and convenient!