Playing a video game with a fine controller is a must for pros. There is no doubt that in the market Astro C40 TR and Razer Raiju are the most-discussed controllers in 2019. Let me compare their main difference in terms of swappable layout, quality, remapping, control panel, and connectivity.

Swappable layout - Astro C40 TR wins

Astro C40 TR, unlike other premium controllers, allows to swap its placement. You can create a layout that emulate the ease of use of DualShock 4 or Xbox One controllers no matter you enjoy offset or symmetrical analog stick placements.

Razer Raiju Ultimate doesn't allow swappable placement as Astro does. You have to be stick to a symmetrical analog stick as DualShock 4. If you hope to have an offset layout, you will need to buy a totally different gaming controller.


Quality - Astro C40 TR wins

It is said that Razer Raiju has a serious quality assurance issue compared to other OEM controllers. So here is a tip: buy a Razer Raiju manufactured after November 2018. This batch would not have a problem with the firmware update as those which were sold when Razer Raiju Ultimate was just released.

Astro C40 TR was released in March 2019 and so far has no critical issues of functionality or operations from its user reviews.



Astro C40 TR features a responsive remapping system. Users can select the paddles on the back you plan to program and then spend less than 10 seconds remapping them. Apart from the two paddles on the backside of the controller, the Astro allows to remap every other button by its proprietary software.

However, some shooters might not be satisfied with two back paddles. Most high-level or competitive gameplays make shooters require four paddles to play efficiently. So if you are this kind of people, please consider this option.

Razer Raiju Ultimate features four remappable buttons that are not found on a standard controller. You can perform better and react faster in a shooting game, depending on what your habit is and what games you are playing.


Control panel - Razer Raiju Ultimate wins

Razer Raiju Ultimate features an unparalleled control panel with four individual buttons: lock, lighting, configure, and profile/remap. These buttons help:

  • lock button: enable the Share, PS, and Options buttons
  • lighting button: switch between various lighting effects on the Chroma strip around the touchpad
  • configure button: connect the controller to the application
  • profile/remap button: switch between possible four profiles or remap buttons on the controller

Astro C40 TR doesn't have such a panel. But it has a switch next to the left trigger that lets users toggle between two onboard profiles customized by its desktop software.



Razer Raiju Ultimate uses Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your gaming console PS4. However, it can sometimes make the connection unstable to interference that leads playing wirelessly to lagging and difficulty in shooting.

Astro C40 TR uses a 2.4 GHz USB dongle to for wireless connection.


All in all...

Both controllers have their own respective strengths. But what basic property most users care about is physical customization. In this aspect, Astro C40 TR is better off. But if you are a sophisticated pro, you should go with Razer Raiju Ultimate, which has extra multi-function paddles and buttons.

All the photos above from Astro and Razer