Why Watch Series 4 is Not Great Enough

1. ECG is not open to Singapore

This is the first wearable providing medical function. It doesn't cause pain. Just put your finger on its crown and the screen will show your heart rate. However, this feature is only available and verified in the states.

Because of this, should we buy Watch Series 4 in the U.S.? I believe many users have this confusion. However, here are some points where you should concern.

  • Apple Watch LTE from the U.S. doesn't support the bandwidth of Singapore.
  • Apple Watch's warranty is local.

However, You Should Buy Apple Straps Overseas

Image from Apple

Even though it isn't worth buying Watch Series 4 from abroad, there are a wide range of affordable Apple Watch straps from the U.S. Many merchants manufacture as chic watch loops as Apple does and offer them at reasonable prices. We definitely recommend you purchase whatever Apple watch band you like from overseas.

Apple Genuine Leather Watch Strap

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2. Competition Is Not Motivating Enough

watchOS 5 also has new ways to encourage you to work out. For example, you can choose a friend and then launch a 7-day competition against him. During the competition, Watch Series 4 will tell you if you fall behind your competitor based on training scores converted from workout completion percentage. This would be acted as if a trainer attentively kept an eye on you.

Video from Apple

However, I don't feel this function attractive to me because a competition can't urge me to do sports at all. A system which charges me when I don't exercise would rather work for me!

Watch Series 4 still has some reasons to buy

1. Automatic workout detection.

When you start running, Watch Series 4 can smartly tell if you are exercising or not. About three minutes later after you begin exercising, it will notify you of "it looks like you're working out". The watch will ask you which sport are you going through, indoor sport or outdoor sport. After selecting your sporting pattern, the system will record your sport-related data. Also, whenever you stop exercising, the watch will ask you if you finish your training.

Image from Apple

This function is pretty practical for me. I used to forget to manually shut down workout detection. Thus, my watch ran out of power quickly and left a useless 3-hour sport data.

2. Advanced Running Functions

The new operating system watchOS 5 also makes its running function advanced. The new feature of Pace Alerts allows users to track if you are behind or ahead of where you aim to be. On the other hand, the new function of Cadence help users to avoid injuries by tracking your running steps per minute.

3. New Sporting Items

Image from Apple

Apple introduced the new sporting items to the platform, including Yoga and Hike. As a result, the sport tracking supported by watchOS 5 reaches 14 items.

4. Fall Detection

Watch Series 4 can detect the moment users fall down. If you don't react to the watch within 60 seconds after you fall down, it will automatically make an emergency call and send off location information. This function is switched on by default for users aged over 65, while others have to manually turn it on. Thus, this function is helpful when users are in an emergency, especially for senior citizen.

However, could it make a call by accident when users play basketball or do extreme sports? Many people are concerned about this. But don't worry. I can show you that this function is already verified by famous YouTubers with some convincing experiments.


The father and son in the video test if fall detection is real or not in different scenarios, including trampoline, foam pit, and slack line. It turned out that in any of these cases they didn't trigger fall detection.

Snippet from What's inside Series 4 Apple Watch?

Apple, in order to validate the Watch's fall detection, collected the data from the 250,000-day fall-down experiments done by its 2500 employees. The data is so enormous that Watch series can detect fall very accurately. Also, you don't need to worry about mistakenly triggering emergency calls.

So Should You Buy It? Er...

It's hard to decisively give an answer... But I think this time Apple Watch is truly transformed from a sport watch to a health watch. Watch Series 4 can track the sign of life, which represents its advance of medical function. In the future, Apple watch might not only claim the sport market but also progress to the medical field.