In this era of smartphones, you can become a photographer easily if you have one phone on your hand. BUT! I must tell you it's not an easy job to take a good photo. The Lensball to be introduced today is an easy-to-use photography tool to save a newbie photographer like me or a new skill for photography enthusiasts.

Lensball from Dutch, it is simple to use but with amazing professional effect, even the beginner can use smartphones to take a super textured photo with its spherical wide-angle filter.


Lensball is made of K9 high-quality optical crystal material. It has high scratch-resistance, high light transmission, and light refraction. Plus, its clarity is high, flawless and does not have any tiny bubbles in the ball. Let you capture the world you see clearly into the crystal ball in the palm of your hand! 

7 Tips for Doing Crystal Ball Refraction Photography


Due to the transmittance is very high, it will produce a focusing effect when you put under the sun. Just like the experiment of igniting the dead leaves with a magnifying glass that we did since we were a child, so it is recommended to put in the bag when not in use.

There are two versions/sizes:

1. Pocket- 60mm
2. Pro- 80mm

One’s called the Lensball Pocket – that’s 60mm and weighs 250gr (0.55 pounds). The Lensball Pro is 80mm and weighs 650gr (1.45 pounds). You may ask which size Lensball is best for crystal ball photography? Here to answer you:

1.Pocket: Almost no weight and easier to hold the ball between your finger and thumb! But it has a smaller sweet spot for focus, a greater proportion of the ball will be distorted.
2.Pro: Best in optics and a larger proportion of the ball will be in sharp focus.
 But the cons is the weight is equivalent to an extra lens and it may be hard for storage.


Source: Lensball instagram

Hope you all have enjoy this beautiful crystal ball photography and you can do it too by getting a lensball through Comparee!