Black Friday is coming, but you still don't know how to shop on Amazon or Newegg? Let me tell you how to be a smart buyer of Black Friday. Or if you still don't know or are considering what to buy, you can check which product is on sales here : Black Friday 2018 Best Deals from Amazon, Best Buy…

1. How to deliver my items from abroad?

Many merchants from U.S. e-commerce sites will only ship to a U.S. address so you have to look for a parcel forwarding service such as ComGateway, vPost, or Ezbuy. These services will provide you with a US address and instruct you to send your order to the indicated address. Once the forwarders attain your item, they will match it with your assigned address. Then they will then ship your item to your country.

2. How to avoid GST and save more?

Every item imported into Singapore are subject to 7% GST if the item exceeds 400 SGD, so remember to think about the extra 7% if your item costs more than about US$295. For Malaysia case, importation of goods into Malaysia will not be subjected custom excise duty if goods value is within RM500. So I would suggest separating the products you want to buy into multiple orders, such that you can avoid incurring cross-border shipping tax.

3. Does international warranty matter?

One of the most critical overseas shipping issues is if the product you buy provides an international warranty. Generally, CPUs, Evga GPUs, and SSDs provide international warranty and are recommended to be bought overseas. However, other types of computer parts might not be covered by international warranty. So before making a purchase decision, you should confirm what type of warranty your products have.
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4. Can I return my product bought abroad?

Some merchants allow you to return your items if they fail or you're not satisfied with it within free return period for replacement or reimbursement. Check the return policy before purchase. Black Friday return policy

5. How to locally repair my product bought abroad?

Ensure you can have your product repaired locally. Or you have to check if the shopping platform provides repair support. For example, Amazon provides free technical support over the phone for some eligible products. Its qualified technicians will try their best to provide technical solutions to troubleshoot problems.

6. Is American product voltage the same as  mine?

The US uses 110V, whereas electricity voltage in Singapore/Malaysia is 240V. So before purchase, you have to look into voltage requirements of your item. Then you can decide if you need a voltage converter. Also remember to consider the difference in power plugs, which may need a converter relying on your power socket design.

How to shop efficiently during Black Friday?

1. Look for the stores with considerable discounts

Most electronics are cheaper in the US, especially during Black Friday. You are definitely recommended to keep track of SSDs, HDDs, and RAMs because they are usually the bestsellers and sold out quickly.
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2. Prepare a wish list before Black Friday starts

Black Friday sales officially start on the midnight of 24th, which is hours slower than our time. To avoid rush and making mistakes, mark your items in your shopping cart ahead of Black Friday. When the sales start, thus you can immediately check them out. **Difference of time zones between EST and PST** The American shopping sites run the sales based on its local time – so don’t get carried away until 12am and miss the Black Friday sales. It will be either 1pm or 4pm depending on EST/PST (east coast vs west coast time).

3. Ensure they do ship to your country when checking U.S. platforms

I used to waste time looking at products that don’t even provide international shipping service. Please grab your time! (You only have 24 hours and items go out of stock fast.)

4. If items can't be shipped by Amazon, use international delivery service providers

Choose Comgateway, vPost, or Ezbuy as your parcel forwarder and read out their tutorial. Give them your address and ship your orders there.