Amazon Prime Day usually lasts up to 36 hours, but this year’s a special 2-day event! Although there will be deals that are too good to be true, the key is to come out of Prime Day without feeling disappointed or over-blowing your budget on unnecessary items! Therefore, here are 6 handy tips that will help you navigate through this crazy sale galore. And to snatch the best deals without regrets! 

PS: We’ll also teach you how to enjoy the sales without an Amazon Prime account 😉

Tip 1: Create a wish list

create wish list

Before Prime Day starts, create a wish list of what you’d like to buy. Be specific down to the colour, size or model (whatever specs included in the products you’re looking for). For example, not all 4K TVs are created equal, so research beforehand and list down the specific features and model. This will speed up your shopping time on Prime Day while eliminating the chances of buying the wrong products. Also, take note of the product’s original price, so that you have some comparison on how much savings you’re getting.

Tip 2: Early bird catches the worm

early bird

Last year, Amazon officially set the day of sale on Monday, July 15th. But guess what, discounts were already appearing on Amazon the day before! We’d expect the same might happen again this year, so be on the lookout earlier to catch all the good ‘worms’! 

Tip 3: Choose “Lightning Deals” early


Some of the best deals offered by Amazon are “Lightning Deals” which are available for a limited time, in a limited quantity. It’s the same concept as flash sales in Lazada and Shopee. To avoid missing out on the “Lightning Deals”,  check the upcoming deals a few hours in advance (perhaps first thing in the morning). This will give you time to research the products and set the budget. Do remember to set an alarm reminder too, so you won’t miss out!

Tip 4: Don’t forget the smaller deals 

prime day

When it comes to Prime Day sales, most of us always keep an eye out for major deals on the biggest brands. However, don’t forget to check on the smaller deals like appliances, small electronics, luggage, and more. These will always have the best deals on Prime Day! 

Tip 5: Amazon Prime membership

prime day

As the name has it, Amazon Prime Day is only for Amazon Prime members. The service is USD $119 a year or USD $13 a month. However, you don’t actually need to pay for a membership - all you need to do is shop through us 😉

Good news: We at COMPAREE is already an Amazon Prime member! You can access those deals and also get fast delivery through us!

Tip 6: Shop around

prime day

If you’ve missed out on what you wanted to buy or they’re sold out before you could click them… don’t be disheartened! Just so you know, on Prime Day itself many competitors like Walmart, Newegg, etc. will also have sales of their own! Best of all, they’re all available on Comparee too - with price comparisons for you to see which merchants have the best deals!

prime day

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