The Nordic style(known as Scandinavian style), which is now popular with the concept of "simplicity", "functionality", and "aesthetics", is named after the lifestyles of the five Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. We can notice from the map, the Nordic is located at high latitudes and close to the Arctic Circle, the air is cold enough for you and me to endure. The harsh climates of northern Europe had affected the formation of their home-style to prize simplicity and functionality far above decoration.

Nordic style
Image: Scandinavian Homes

In recent years the Nordic style trend has gone global. All young and chic love to take photos under a Nordic background, white walls, wood floors, modern furniture..., photos look extremely good and textured. However, it’s not as easy as you think to transform design inspiration from a photo to life, we cannot simply change the wall and floor colour, we also cannot simply throw away the current furniture and buy a set of new one, right?

So, to succeed with the Nordic style, there are some basic guidelines to consider and some simple yet easy to get things to help you recreate your own Nordic style! Use some handy things to make your room a photo spot! Then you can show your "high-class" lifestyle photo in your Instagram and grab all your friends' admired eyes!

Tips 1: Clean lines

Nordic style
Image: Varianti

Simple and clean is the highest principle to Nordic style. It is not recommended for large-scale and multi-level decoration techniques, and to avoid fancy pattern decorations. Only decorated with clean lines, color blocks and geometrical shape enough to highlight the aesthetic of chic minimalism.

Recommended Item: Square Cube Shelves
Nordic style

"My absolute favorite Scandinavian decor trend is taking what would normally be a boring storage piece, and making it a design focal point in your home," says Anna Decilveo.

Add a set of floating shelf in simple shape to your empty wall, turn storage to a sense of Nordic design!

Tips 2: Focus on light

Nordic style
Image: Scandinavian Homes

The special phenomenon of long night-time and short day-time makes the Nordic people yearn for natural light. Therefore, in the space design, attention will be paid to the performance of "light". In addition to lead in a large number of natural light sources, Nordic emphasis some yellow indirect illuminations in the room as different light sources can create a different atmosphere.

Recommended Item: Lantern Pendant Lamp
Nordic style

Many minimalist design come with too stark or cold, but Nordic spaces are meant to be warm and inviting.

Giant paper lanterns increase chic-level of your room without turn-on the light while it yellow light can also add a warm feeling at home.

Tips 3: Color scheme

Nordic style
Image: Adrienne Chinn

Following the concept of "simplicity", white and mono colours are recommended as the base colour, but it may make your room looks too pale and monotonous. So, a neutral-heavy colour palette with pops of colour is welcomed, decorate some bright colours on partial walls, to make room space more lively and vital.

Note: Should not use more than three main colour tones, to avoid colourful view and appear chaotic.

Recommended Item: Wall Canvas Print
Nordic style

Built on a foundation of monocolour, bring in 10% bright colour with wall art, looks great and modern.

This wall canvas print colour palette is perfect for Nordic style, black/white color base with light red glances fit the wall very well.

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Tips 4: Natural-oriented material

Nordic style
Image: Scandinavian Homes

Due to Nordic is rich with forest resources, so the Nordic style used to emphasize "nature". They love to use a large amount of original wood furniture, natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp, leather and stone. Don’t be afraid to mix different materials, but keep them tally with your room color tone.

Recommended Item: Marble Clock
Nordic style

Marble is in sophisticated look, and can match with any style. Pairing it with brass, or combining with a black and white palette to make it chic! 

This white marble clock can both hanging on wall and put on the table, beautify any corner of your room.

Recommended Item: Green Plant
Nordic style

You could also consider to incorporating some greenery, to use plants as part of the decor. Green plants can create a fresh and vibrant feel in your room.

Image: myadele online UG

Tips 5: Add personal decorative items


This is an opportunity to use your personal items to add character and contribute to a more personal room. Most important is to avoid over plain by emphasis minimalism too much. Don't be afraid to match the old and the new, but try to work with nature-oriented material and a low-key colour palette here as well.

Recommended Item: Two-tone Geometric Pillow
Nordic style

Add textiles are a great way to make any room more cozy. Fill your room with plenty of pillows and throw a blanket over the edge of the sofa to creates a comfortable and pleasant room.

Choose a two-tone geometric pillow, bringing a touch of coziness and modern feeling to your living space in a budget way.

Recommended Item: Simple Lines Dinnerware
Nordic style

Keep in mind there are a lot of methods to bring sense of design into your room other than textiles. You could also consider some dinnerware with simple design.

Flat Lay photography is a fantastic way to tell a story. You can choose to buy a geometric dinnerware with simple colour to shoot your little stuff such as jewelery.

Use a budget-friendly way to add a Nordic style to your room, now you can wow your Instagram followers without going to photoshooting at any beautiful tourist attraction!

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