These years, many e-commerce sites start to promote 1111 shopping day, including JD, Microsoft, and other jewelry stores, to attract more consumers. But in fact, is 1111 shopping day as fancy as you thought? On November 11, merchants tend to promote their discounted products and deliver customers a message that products have reached a record of lowest price. However, this is just a marketing buzz that blinds consumer mind and incurs impulsive purchase.

1. Quality is not promised

If you are talking about buying an electronic product from a Chinese site, such as Taobao, this might carry a certain risk. Although so far some Intel's and AMD's CPUs from Taobao is cheaper by $3 to $5 than officially listed CPUs, you might not know if every component of them is manufactured by original companies or they are just counterfeit products.( You know, it may be "made from China".) If you are planning to purchase electronic or hardware products, I strongly recommend you to buy them from Amazon or Newegg, which have more holistic tech support and refund policy.

2. Items promoted on 11.11 is not cheap at all

I will use the above product as our example to expose the lie behind 1111. The product, Snorlax stuffed toy at the height of 80cm, was priced at ¥168 on 1111 shopping day. After looking into prices of the same product from other sites, I found another merchant, though not involved in any 1111 promotion,  sell the same product only at the price of ¥145. So I would say 1111 is just a marketing buzz. If you really want to buy the cheapest product on the market, don't rely on this hypothesizing shopping festival and to be patient with the search for the product with lowest price from various sites.

3. You might never get your ordered item

[caption id="attachment_1515" align="alignnone" width="703"] The clothes I bought on November 11, 2014[/caption] In my experience, when I checked my Taobao account to see what I bought in previous 1111 shopping days, I found one dress that I ordered for my girlfriend in 2014 and paid for it on 11/11. I remembered the merchant sent out the item on the very next day. But until I found this truth in February 2015, it'd been already about 3 months and I still hadn't received the clothes. I called the logistics center and was informed that the merchant did not deliver the product. Thereafter, I also called the merchant and was told that the logistics center lost my item. This unfortunate shopping journey makes me reluctant to believe Taobao 1111. In fact, several logistics companies already claimed that they will be very busy after 1111 shopping festival. Because of that, the delivery period changes from 2-3 days to 5-10 days. If you are located in Hong Kong or Taiwan, consumers may receive their products two weeks later after they ordered them. (And not promised to receive them.) Even though I experienced such a lousy online purchase, I still have quite faith in Taobao service except 1111 shopping holidays because sometime I just want to get some unreasonably cheap deals. In contrast, Amazon provided me with another option of refreshing shopping experience. When I booked a book on Amazon, the shipping details are clear and the delivery is punctual and satisfying. I think the service provided by the U.S. is much more pleasant than that provided by China.

4. Promotion doesn't help you save money but spend more

Before the 1111 shopping promotion is released, Taobao and Tmall will continuously send out many kinds of coupons. The common one is "spend ¥99 get a ¥10 gift card" and "spend ¥199 get a ¥20 gift card". But I assumed that when customer original expense is ¥80, ¥180, or ¥280, and can't get any gift card, they certainly will be planning to buy other stuff to gain a gift card. However, the extra items bought tend to be useless and excessive.

5. Feel so disappointed at customer service

On 1111 shopping day, sales volume will be considerably increased, which thus affect the quality of customer service. Once I called the customer service of Taobao, I was waiting for 10 minutes... After that, I googled it online and some netizens stated that never ever buy anything on 11/11, or customer service may be harsh on your refund inquiry.

To sum up our tips for 1111...

  1. Cross-check the product price: especially during 1111, many e-commerce platforms release many promotional events. Those who pursue products with lowest prices like me should always double-check if promotion is really worthy or go to the price comparison website for research.
  2. Don't deliver you order immediately: Singaporean users are recommended to have their ordered products delivered one week later than 1111 shopping festivals and have them stored in the consolidated package location of parcel forwarders. Thereby, buyers won't need to worry about product loss and product damage caused by overloaded shipping during 1111 shopping promotion.