Pokémon NEVER go out of style and let us down! We can see many related merchandise and fashion items are Pokémon-inspired and a lot of popular brands' collaborations. Such as our favorite Nintendo Switch, Tonymoly's makeup collection, GCDS, a luxury Italian streetwear brand and of course below these 5 Pokémon collaboration shoes' brands that I want to introduce!

Becoming a master of Pokémon Go, you might need a lot of walking so you may need a good-to-wear sneaker to continues your journey to the next stop and show your Pokémon-passionate to others! Let check out which brand does collaborate with Pokémon!

1. ADIDAS (Rumours 2019)

Adidas brand recent collaboration can be said to benefit many anime fans, from the Dragon Ball Z collection in the past year, and the TV series of Game of Thrones-inspired shoes which will release soon! And, now, we can see all-new looking Pokemon-inspired sneakers leaked image spread on the internet, are Adidas collaborating with pokemon?

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

Source: hugokickz’s Instagram
& liljupiterr's Instagram

The pictures of Pikachu and Squirtle really pop out on the shoes and make many netizens said "Just take my money!" Although we speculated that this series will be launched along with the Detective Pikachu movie, however, the Adidas has not announced any officially yet. Stay tuned Comparee to catch up the latest news!

2. Glamb (May 2019)

Glamb, a Japanese clothing brand has released a Pokémon-themed sweater, T-shirt and iPhone case this month. Only for the fuzzy Pikachu's sneaker will come in late May.

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

This Pokémon collaboration shoes comes with Pikachu's ears and a tail, covered with soft fur materials. Definitely, this is a Pikachu's lover must-have items!!! But it is quite pricey as well, at price $250. Pika pika...

Source: Glamp's Instagram

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3. Fila (2018)

Fila Korea has teamed up with Pokemon to release a line of colourful sneakers in two models: the FILA Classic Kicks B and Court Deluxe. These two Pokémon collaboration shoes series has launched in February and March 2018 respectively.

FILA Classic Kicks B

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

This Pokémon Classic Kicks B series which with laces come in 6 different colour-themed representing 5 your favourite Pokémon characters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, and Pikachu which in 2 colours. You can also see its tongue has sported an obvious Pokeball symbol.

FILA Court Deluxe

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes
Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

Source: Fila Korea

The velcro white sneakers(kid version) also come in same 5 Pokémon characters which in model Classic Kicks type. It colours and subtle imagery representing the Pokemon on the back. A lot of Pokémon's shoe collectors was yelling for adult size and said that this series is the cutest Pokémon's shoe collaboration ever.

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4. Geox (2018)

Geox is an Italian brand of footwear and apparel manufactured with high-tech released for a kid and junior’s sneaker collection last year.

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

We can see children beloved characters: Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff and a host of other Pokémon characters are featured on 14 super coloured low sneaker models. This Pokémon collaboration shoes comes with an LED strip built into the sole that kids always fond of!

 5. Esperanza(2016)

Esperanza, Japanese shoe fashion brand has released Pikachu's shoe line that will catch your interest in 2016. With the popularity of Nintendo Switch in 2016, Pokémon-inspired has hit an all-time fever pitch.

Pokémon Collaboration Shoes

The high heels Pikachu feature 14cm ankle straps and removable Pikachu tails. There’s also a flat version in yellow and red colours for us who are high heel-challenged, much more suited to trekking all around looking for Pokémon!

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