Attention Game of Thrones/ Night King Funko Pop fans! Since Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode has come out, I believe many of you have been anxious about what will happen to Night King and Targaryen Dragons. Don't panic! I believe Night King will be always the true king and become the next Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Ha!


If Night King, unfortunately, cannot become a king in the end, at least let me enjoy Night King Funko in the rest of my life!

Metallic Night King On Throne

Photo from HBO Shop

A limited edition metallic Night King on the Iron Throne looks so chic! It is an HBO Shop's Funko Pop exclusive and perfectly unveils the climax of Game of Thrones final season. This edition started to sell on HBO Shop on April 4th. You want to get it immediately, right? However, HBO already shut down its online shop (I guess it has nothing to sell.), so we cannot buy this edition from the official site. Even though it is sold out quickly on the site, you can turn to eBay and grab one with a huge price markup.

Metallic Night King Funko (AT&T)

Metallic Night King Funko (AT&T)
Photo from AT&T online

How fancy Night King's dress is! This metallic Night King without the Iron Throne is only available in AT&T online store and physical store.

Translucent Night King Funko

Learn more translucent Night King

Does it look like a walking dead with the face of Night King? It is an SDCC 2017 Night King Exclusive.

Glow-in-the-dark Night King Funko

This Night King is like glowing at the winter night. It looks more powerful and more stylish than standard Night King.

Night King On Dragon

Learn more Night King On Dragon

Our ultimate dreams come true! Night King looks so brave and snazzy on the dragon. It is around 6 inches tall and would be perfect as a massive Funko collection.