Nintendo's Gameboy became overnight hit in the 1990s. With a dim screen and chunky physical game character design, Gameboy was not the most impressive game console. Although it doesn't have a high-quality display, it is affordable and fun! It has become a common memory for millennials. Every Gameboy owner likes to share several their favorite Gameboy games and always can gain resonation from others because the Gameboy system has undergone 100 games over its lifetime and many of them were so memorable that gaming producers remade them. If you really missed playing with Gameboy, the Retro FC can help bring you back to your old memory and enable you to play the games you used to like!

Retro FC brings back the memory of Game boy games

Retro FC

The Retro FC's design has a striking resemblance to a Gameboy. Its display is 3-inch LCD and the panel has basic control buttons. Its old version includes 168 games, some of which can be seen in the Gameboy system, while its new one has 400 games includes. Let's refresh our memory of the greatest Gameboy games.

Super Mario Bros.

Retro FC Super Mario

The two most adventurous Mario games are Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3. In the games, Mario can take a submarine or a biplane. Subsequently, its sequel game improves the visual details, take Mario to a variety of new worlds, gives him new powers. The Mario trilogy shows how fantastic and weird Mario is when Papa Miyamoto is not cautious of him.


This is the greatest game in Gameboy history. It's an ingenious recreation of the old arcade, adding a bunch of puzzle-platform stages that is infused with elements of the entire Mario's history. This game represents that Mario learned the chain jumps and handstands at the first time. It is a more refined and detailed game than Super Mario Bro.

Mega Man

Capcom launched a series of Mega Man games on Gameboy, As played on a handheld console, the innovative rendition of an 8-bit standard is the classic of Mega Man. Mega Man went on a journey through the solar system to fight against planet-themed bosses. The game was released late, but it earned a great reputation in Capcom's history.


Battle City is a four-cardinal-directional shooter game. The player steering the tank must attack enemy tanks in every level. The enemy tanks will seek to destroy the player's base as well as player's tank. A level is cleared when 20 enemy tanks are destroyed. This game at that time is pretty challenging for Gameboy players because the display is too small to show the complete map and only enough to show part of it. But anyway, it is a fun game that you must play once in your lifetime.

Lode Runner

Honestly, this game requires pro skills. It relies on accurate jumping and movement. The play must collect all the golden coins in a level and go the the end while chased by a dozens of enemies. Some of the levels even ask the player finish the level within the regulated time. After its first release, there are also spin-offs and sequels published. I can say this is one of the pioneering games that virtually challenge player's skills.

All the photos from Capcom and Nintendo