When you found that your Amazon's seller actually does not offer international shipping to ship the item you desired for so long to your country, you become frustrated and worried. At this moment, you may need help from third-party parcel forwarders. But, you may ask, which should I choose? Some of you may concern about the cost, but someone may only care to receive their parcel as fast as possible.

We consolidated a comprehensive list of parcel forwarders that help you ship your order(s) from the US to Malaysia. You can compare among their freight rate, shipping time and the service provided that you may concern.

1. comGateway

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Comgateway is an established name and is generally known to be reliable and fast. It charges premium prices for speedy shipping and great service. It also has BuyForMe service helping you place orders at an extra cost if your credit card is not accepted by a merchant site.

Comgateway offers a sales tax-free address, allowing you to save anywhere between 5.5% to 9.45% off your shopping. If you are looking to save on shipping costs, go for the Standard service, which ships your package in 6-8 business days. For urgent orders, Comgateway has an express shipping option that is only a little more expensive. It cuts down shipping time from 6 to 8 working days to 3 to 5 days, so you can receive your items in about a week.

Because of its detailed tracking and speedy shipping, Comgateway is ideal for high-value items that need careful handling. If you are looking for more affordable shipping for lower-value items, EziPoz, vPost or buyandship might be a better choice.

2. EZiPoz

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EZiPoz is launched by Pos Malaysia Bhd, and enable Malaysian shop over 350,000 US merchant sites and deliver anywhere within Malaysia through Pos Malaysia’a widespread network of over 1,000 touch points countrywide. Without any doubt, Pos Laju defaults as the last mile courier service, so you can also track your order via Pos Malaysia's website.

You can register for free via your email or Facebook account then you will get 15% off on your first shipment! For Maybank cardholders, you can get 20% off for all shipment, promotion valid until 31 August 2019. Quite a big saving!

3. vPost

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vPost, which is owned by SingPost(Singapore Post), enables people from Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand to access shops from the US, Japan, and Europe. It is easy to use when you order from online merchants and informs you via email when your package has arrived. They are fairly reliable most of the time and ship quickly.

Opt between the Standard or Economy service. Although Standard is faster, the service charges the higher of actual or volumetric weight. Therefore, if your package is considerably large, choosing Economy (which charges by actual weight only) can give you substantial savings.

4. Buyandship

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Buyandship established in 2014, is a Hong Kong-based company offers another convenient and fuss-free shipping option of the US, the UK, Japan, and Taiwan. Its pricing is simple and the lowest among other competitors you will be charged only RM18 for pound (approx 450g) . Shipping charges are based on the actual weight, which means you won’t have to pay extra for shipping excessively large-size items. Remember that, it has limited too, either side cannot exceed 100CM and the sum of all 3 sides cannot exceed 150CM. Volumetric weight cannot exceed 5 times the actual weight.

Within their Reward Points Scheme, you can earn Buyandship points and save on shipping costs! By register and refer to friends, you can receive credits to use for your next shipment. There is no limit, you may earn a lot of point by refer to many friends!

Comparison Table of Parcel Forwarders

Parcel Forwarders comGateway EZiPoz vPost Buyandship
Available countryUS only US onlyUS
Buy For Me Service
Base Charge
Standard US$20.75/0.5kg RM63/pack  US20.40/0.5kg RM15/pound
Express US$24.90/0.5kg RM68/pack
Additional Charge
Standard US$3.25/0.5kg RM11.5/0.5kg US11/1kg RM18/pound
Express US$3.90/0.5kg RM12/0.5kg
Shipping Time
Standard6 - 8 working days 10 - 15 working days 7 - 10 working days 6 - 9 working days
Express3 - 5 working days 7 - 10 working days 12-17 working days (economic)
Free Storage Free for 30days,
US$1/day after
Free for 20days,
RM3.50/day after
Free for 21days

Free for 30days
(Free or charged)
1. Package consolidate service
2. Repack service
3. Returns from the U.S. address
4. Buy For Me Service
5. Prime membership service
6. Package tracking service
(in cooperation with DHL)
1. Repack service
2. More than 1,000 pick-up points nationwide

1. Package consolidate service 2. Repack service
3. Package tracking service

1. Package consolidate service
Others1. Tax exemption within the US
2. Cost included cargo transportation insurance
1. Sales tax free
2. Provide shipping insurance
1. Provide selective vCare insurance
2. 15%off on first shippment
1. Actual Weight base
2. Reward Points Scheme

Note:Please note that different parcel forwarders use different units and currencies.

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