Drones are snazzy. They are a kind of hobby. You can use them for entertainment as toys or aircraft. Or you can use them to support your work. There are different ways to categorize drones depending on their abilities and applications. To meet your needs, you have to deliberate what function suits you best. The following are different types of drones, according to their abilities, in the market:


on air quadcopter drone Photo by Saffu / Unsplash This is the most popular model in the drone market. It uses 4 rotors located at the end of the square drone body. This structure can be used for other purposes, such as toy drones and work-assisting drones.

Trick Drone

Its maneuverability enables it to perform barrel rolls and flips as a toy drone. It is light and small so it can easily perform such an aerial maneuver.

Photography Drone

Photography Drones Photo by Christian Langenhan / Unsplash This drone is attached with a camera for recording. This enable users to take HD photos and videos from the drone's perspective. Usually, this camera will be designed to withstand damage caused by brutal weather and crashes.

Racing Drone

To be swift and agile, this kind of drone is designed to be streamlined and free of excess weight. It can reach the speed of up to 60 miles per hour. It is usually played in a racing game by drone enthusiasts.