Do you have trouble cleaning eraser crumbs, paper scraps, and cigarette ash on the desk? This has been bothering me for a long time. So I kept thinking about what I can do to be far from this nuisance. I searched for as many solutions as possible and then found this ingenious idea - table dust vacuum. There are many assortments online and I would like to share some of the simplest and cutest table vacuums with you.

Aimeio Desk Vacuum

Desk Vacuum Aimeio

This lovely mushroom-shaped vacuum can well blend into your home decoration and be good at removing the dust on the surface of the desk, computer keyboard, and furniture. Its tiny brushes on the bottom are used to clean up dust, lint, ash, hair, crumbs, and so on.

Desk Vacuum Aimeio  2

Tencloud Desk Vacuum

Desk Vacuum Tencloud

A cute dog and a frog desk cleaner on the desk. Their small suction is amazing!

It is so cute and can be a decoration on the desk.

Before you go to work in the morning, clean your desk with this! It makes the desk clean and beautiful and you would be more looking forward to working!


Compact and cordless! Suzy table vacuum with simple design can easily remove eraser shavings on the desk.