Do you know, in the first year after the baby was born, statistics show parents lose an average of 44 days of sleep. Also, it is said that nearly 30% of babies have problems sleeping at night. In general, sleep can be roughly divided into two phases, namely rapid eye movement sleep and non-rapid eye movement sleep. The adult's sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, and nighttime sleep includes about 3 to 6 cycles. Usually, adults will come to deep sleep first and then turn to deep sleep. Rapid eye movement sleep accounts for about 25% of the total sleeping time, and non-rapid eye movement sleep accounts for about 75-80% time, which is deep sleep.

The baby's sleep cycle is exactly the opposite of that of an adult. Rapid eye movement sleep makes up more than half of sleeping time of a one-month baby. Each of its sleep cycles lasts about 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes later, a baby quickly enters non-rapid eye movement sleep, and in the next 30 minutes, it becomes active. Many parents want to observe their babies' sleep status, after the babies were born, to ensure their safety and health. And a baby monitor device can improve baby's sleep as well as parents'.

Brand Consideration

At present, many brands are selling baby monitor devices in the market, and the prices are divided into different levels.

One of the famous brands of baby monitor devices is Nanit. It won many awards in 2018. The difference between Nanit and other products is that it is a non-contact system that not only uses an HD night-vision camera to observe the baby's sleep, but also analyzes baby's sleep patterns and movements by machine learning at night. The system also has a built-in light and tests the temperature and humidity in the room. Beside this, it makes soothing sound or relaxing white noise to help the baby fall asleep.

Parents receive the last baby's sleeping report at the night before baby's sleep on the iOS/Android app.

Baby Monitor Review
  • Nanit's camera is in the shape of a shower with a motion sensor that can test the temperature and humidity of the room and that is highly practical.
  • The app is a whole package of functions, the app interface is clear, easy to use, and easy to observe a baby at any time.
  • Sleep reports include sleep patterns, parental interventions, sleep time, and total sleeping time, from which useful information can be obtained.
  • Users need to subscribe $10/month or $50 a year to an additional analysis service. But this service may not be suitable for all parents.

This article is credited to our Hong Kong blogger Emma Lin

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