Halloween always falls on October 31st of each year and it is just around the corner! The magic of Halloween is that we can dress up with any Halloween costumes we love(scary skeleton, funny clown...) or cosplay any of our favourite characters. It especially goes for the kids who really into those Disney princesses or Marvel superheroes.
Dressing up kids is always a lot of fun and you might melt by their adorable looks. There are many spooky fun Halloween events in Malaysia and Singapore held every year, from Halloween costume contests to trick-or-treating, concert etc. You might have fun to see a group of kid dress up with various cute costumes to take part those contests. Most people want to be the special one, so do your kids. Go through the fabulous 2018 trending to make your children stand out from the rest!

Trending 1: Black Panther

halloween black panther “Wakanda forever!” salute and it poses spread all over the streets and Black Panther become the coolest avenger of the year 2018 after its film released. Let rock the style with King T’Challa and Shuri costumes. Halloween Black PantherHalloween Black Panther Photo: Disney

Trending 2: Incredibles

halloween Incredibles 2 Watching your little sweeties wearing a red shirt with the "i"  identity icon in the center, along with the cool black mask on eyes, go and save the world! Halloween IncrediblesHalloween IncrediblesHalloween Incredibles and don't forget your lovely pet, some people love to dress a dog as a child! Halloween Incredibles Photo: Party City

Trending 3: Star Wars

halloween Star Wars Fans are very looking forward to the upcoming Star WarsEpisode IX in December 2019. Does your child fancy about it too and always ask to be one of the movie roles? The opportunity is coming! halloween Star wars                             halloween Star wars                        halloween Star wars Photo: Amazon

Trending 4: Jurassic World

halloween jurassic world 2 2018 summer smash-hit film Jurassic World get people's hearts, I guess your kids too and he will really love this Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex & Velociraptor costume! Are your kids ready to be the king of dinosaurs and rule the world this Halloween? halloween jurassic world 2                              halloween jurassic world 2 Photo: Amazon

Trending 5: Deadpool

halloween deadpool Always be entertained by Deadpool worst joke and it easter egg. Kids sure have a deep love with his all-in-red costume and also his superfast healing superpower! halloween deadpool Photo: Amazon How your kids look like with these 2018 trending movie Halloween costumes? Share with us! Besides bringing your kids to the Halloween costumes contest, what can you do in this creepy festival?  Find out our 5 Halloween must-try ideas besides Halloween Horror Nights!