If you are using social media often, you've probably already seen a trend across Instagram, that people are sharing their photos comparing how they looked 10 years ago with how they look today. This fad has attracted many people and even celebrities. Some paid tribute to their old figures and styles, while some environmentalists drew attention to the impacts of climate change.

However, I found so far nobody highlights the rapid changes in technology. Therefore, I would like to elaborate on the 5 most prominent #10yearchallenge for technology.

1. Stupidphones to Smartphones

When I used this kind of Nokia, I was only in junior high school. This phone features the quality of being unbreakable and configurable battery. It was deemed as the most durable phone of all time. And you can play some basic mobile games on this stupidphone, like Tetris and snake Unlike the current smartphone, you can only call and send text messages to you friends. But at that time, I feel satisfied with these functions already.

The changes in iPhone are the most overwhelming innovation

Until 2007, the face of iPhone was revealed. It shocked the mobile industry and was at first strange to most people. But about when iPhone 4 came out, people gradually considered an iPhone acceptable and as a snazzy technology trend. It was so small but was equipped with many useful functions, like instant messaging apps and fancy mobile games. Most importantly, iPhone was the first phone which was perfectly incorporated with a camera, which overnight became a furious competitor for the camera industry.

Although smartphone is one of the most expensive electronic devices within ten years, I would say it has been the most amazing invention over the past 10 years as well.


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2. Maid to Home Assistant

Image from Amazon

These years, more and more Singaporean households are willing to try a home assistant device like an Amazon Echo or an Apple Homepod. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), home assistants will become considerably helpful.

Although this device is not yet common, it can provide many benefits in the future, especially for those who are physically challenged. I believe that it can replace some of maid works with its communication system and greatly support household affairs.

Home assistants are making a critical effect on the smart home market across the globe. I expect that in the future we will all control our household appliances remotely through voice.

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3. Watch to Smart Watch

Image from Apple

Are you used to wearing a watch? How long have you worn a watch? Some people are still loyal to traditional watches, like G-Shock and Rolex. However, since the invention of the smartwatch, it's become a new trend. The watch does not only have timing function anymore. It also features sports recording and health detection. When Apple Watch was released, it became an overnight hit. It beat Fitbits and some of the other fitness wearables on the market.

One of the reasons why Apple Watch becomes successful could be mobile payment. The convenience of mobile payment embedded will avoid credit card loss and cash payment mistakes.

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4. Remote Controlled Vehicles to Automated Vehicles

Image from Amazon

Over the last few years, drones, driverless automobiles, and delivery robots have pique technology-conscious consumers' interest. In the future, automation and AI might reach a timing point where labor won't be necessary. For example, drones could be the main disruptor in the shipping industry.

We used to play remote control cars. Then it advanced to remote control helicopters. Until now, we don't even need a controller to instruct a drone, and it will go to its assigned destination. Someday, drivers and transport operators might have to shift to another career path because of automated vehicle development.

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5. Glasses to Virtual Reality

What we currently experience in reality by touching and Smelling is available in some manner through virtual reality in the future. However, what it can already achieve is seeing! If you hope to put yourself into outer space or a scenario of a game, put on virtual reality headsets so that you can experience how it feels.

I think your glasses can't take you to a place you imagine. However, virtual reality can help you to do that. For example, when you don't get a ticket to your favorite star's concert, your glasses can't aid to that but virtual reality device can.

Currently, virtual items don't hold the same value as physical items do. But I believe someday technology will help us to actually touch and interact with something virtual.

So when is the next #10yearchallenge?

Are you still involved in the #10yearchallenge? Stop it right now! We should start to think about what challenges in the next 10 years we can conquer. How about inventing a new technology to make our lives better and promising? Do it! We are all looking forward to the most exciting #next10yearchallenge in the technology field.