It doesn’t matter if you’re working or studying, we face this common problem from time to time - feeling tired and not focused. 😪

The dreadful feeling of forcing ourselves awake and focused is one of the worst experiences ever! We’ve been there and learned how to combat such situations the hard way. Therefore, we’d like to impart some useful tips to make your life easier – be awake and regain focus!

Tip 1: Bring coffee everywhere you go!


Always make sure that you have fresh coffee available in hand, way before the snooze bug attack! With a handy thermos filled with coffee, no matter if you’re in the car, stuck in a meeting, or lecture… you’ll have piping hot coffee to help you get through ☕

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Tip 2: Get the darkest coffee


If your aim is to be awake and focus, fancy coffees like Latte or Macchiato will not do the job. They sure taste nice, but you’ll still yearn for sleep after taking them. Best bet is to get dark roast coffees, such as the Kirkland Signature Starbucks Espresso Blend Dark Roast.

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Tip 3: Energy supplements for more effect


Not a fan of coffee? Just take coffee supplements then! Natural Stacks: Smart Caffeine is a good source of energy that also helps boost your focus, that works way more efficient than drinking than a cuppa.

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Tip 4: Grab some dark chocolates

dark chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is a natural energy booster? Sign me up!

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Tip 5: Get headphones for less distraction


Sometimes distraction around us may cause us to be less focused, thus feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Perhaps all you need is to get away from all the noise that’s distracting you! Get BÖHM Wireless Bluetoothwith Active Noise Cancelling Headphone right here!

Tip 6: Reduce eye strain!


Prolonged attention to computer screens can cause eye fatigue, which ultimately causes tiredness and difficulty focusing. With GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear/Scope, you’ll feel less strain on the eyes!

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Tip 7: Refresh those eyes!


A little refreshment for the eyes will go a long way. Not only you’ll feel less sleepy, but you’ll also find that you’ll see things way clearer than before! Find Optrex 2-in-1 ActiMist Dry and Tired Eye Drops Spray here with the best offer.

Tip 8: Nap the tiredness away


When all else fails… perhaps all you need is a good quick nap! It was found that 10-20 minute naps will help re-energize you for the day.

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Tip 9: Sniff the peppermint!


The strong scent of peppermint helps with staying awake and focused. We recommend Kitami’s peppermint oil set because it’s one of the most renowned manufacturers of peppermint, producing 70% of all the world's mint oil!

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Tip 10: Quality sleep is the key


If your tiredness and lack of focus have been a prolonged issue, perhaps the only way to fix it is to get a good night’s sleep! It was found that sleep disturbances and fatigue go hand-in-hand, and if you’re having difficulties sleeping you’ll most likely be tired all the time.

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▶ Hopefully, these products will help you stay awake and focused, like how they helped us! Since these may take some time before they reach your doorstep - do try your best to stay awake and focused for now! All the best, sleepy head! 😪

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Guest Post by Diana
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