It’s been many rainy days for the past few weeks, from random drizzling to really stormy evenings. Been staying indoors a lot lately due to this?

Don’t let the weather mess with your daily plans, it’s about time that you prep yourself with gears for rainy days! With these products, you’ll be able to go anywhere without worries. Check them out!

1. Zicac Transparent Raincoat (women)

Rainy Days

Ladies, getting caught in the rain doesn’t have to be an unattractive or messy affair… you can strut in the rainy days looking awesome with this stylish raincoat!

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2. Doqment Waterproof Jacket (men)

waterproof jacket

Men can also look good in the rain, with this waterproof jacket from Japan. Perfect for either sports or casual wear during rainy weather, this jacket is made for active men on the move! Get it here with price comparisons.

3. Crocs® RainFloe Tall Boot (women)

tall boot

With a fashionable raincoat, you’ll need fashionable rain boots to match. Made from 100% rubber, it’s super durable, stretchy and lightweight. Not only that, but its rubber soles will also ensure that you can waltz in the rain without fear of slipping!

4. Crocs® AllCast Rain Boot (men)

rain boot

Gentlemen, if you’re looking for a pair of rainboots too, this is what you should get. It’s seamless (no seams no leaks), fully moulded, and 100% waterproof all the way up. This versatile boot is perfect for any occasion that involves rainy weather!

5. Shoe Covers (unisex)

Rainy Days

If you don’t wish to invest in a new pair of rainboots, these will do just fine. All you have to do is put it on and zip it up! It’s also foldable and compact so that you can just pop it back into your bag or drawer when not in use.

6. Bicycle Cover

Rainy Days

If you get around with bicycles a lot, you’ll need this! This is currently not available in major stores locally, but thank goodness you can get it here with the best deals!

7. Mini Foldable Parasol Umbrella

Bulky umbrellas are such a hassle - we have to carry them everywhere and so hard to keep them too! This mini foldable umbrella will be a great solution. You might be thinking… isn’t too small?

When it’s opened, it’s not small at all. Not convinced? Here are the measurements for you to compare!

8. Tuokener Nylon Messenger Bag

Most handbags are made of fabrics, which will soak when it touches the rain. That would be a disaster because everything inside the bag will be a wet mess 😰 To avoid that, why not get a handbag that’s waterproof?

Made with nylon, this messenger bag is waterproof and durable. It’s also roomy, with compartments for tablet, phone, keys, and more. Not to mention it’s super cute too!

It’s available in various colours with the best price here.

9. Doppelganger’s Backpack Cover

backpack cover

This brand is famous for its durability and quality. Your backpacks don’t have to be wet anymore in the rain with this cover. Get it here with the best deals!

10. Puppy Raincoat Poncho

puppy raincoat

Last but not least, how can we forget about our furry little friends? When rain strikes, get these little ponchos for them so that they won’t get wet and cold. Just imagine how cute they’re going to look in these tiny coats 😍

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▶ Rain or not, we still have to get our lives going with errands, work and also play! With these products, rainy days won’t get in the way of life anymore. Now, let’s enjoy the day, be it rainy or not 🌈☔


Guest Post by Diana
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