Being a Girl Boss is all about channeling style and confidence, and Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms for a lot of users to express their thoughts and creativity. Bloggers and social media influencers constantly share aesthetic photos on Instagram to share information and to gain more followers.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer who always plan your Instagram feed, I’m sure what we have offered in our list below will inspire your future Instagram post. Here are 10 props that will make your Instagram post stand out like a #girlboss.

1. White Pineapple Jewelry Tray

The white tray with gold leaves adds a classy touch to your photo, making it #instaworthy. If you are a business owner selling little jewelry and trinkets, this unique and chic tray will make your items stand out! Make yourself a Girl Boss!

2. Flamingo Trinket Dish

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If you’re looking to spread good vibes around social media, this trinket dish says it all. The Kate Aspen flamingo trinket dish inspires people with the old phrase of “stand tall & stand out”.  Besides being a decorative dish, it is functional storage for jewelry, change or house keys. This flamingo trinket dish is what every girl boss need.

3. LUOEM Jewellery Tree Jewellery Organizer

This cute jewelry organizer will add a little princess touch to your Instagram feed. If you love cats and planning to go for a white and pink theme, this jewelry organizer is the ideal prop for you. The pink tree allows you to hang your necklaces or bracelet too. Besides that, there is also a storage place below the stand, so you can store your rings and earrings in it.

4. Cinema Lightbox

girl boss

Get creative with this cinema lightbox. You can express your thoughts, messages, and make it the star of your Instagram post. Cinema lightbox can make any photo unique because you can customize the wording on it.  The best part? This unique lightbox cost less than $15.

5. Awesome Boss Lady Coffee Mug

Do you inspire and motivate others through your Instagram? Here is a mug that any influencer or business owner should have to enhance the coffee drinking experience. It also shows the world who’s boss in the most stylish and chic way. Don’t forget to tag your friends and #bosslady

6. Fancy Sheepskin Rug

Get this Soft Natural White Real Sheepskin Rug from Barnscroft Of Devon to add a plush and luxury feel to your Instagram. You can use the rug as a backdrop for your items and create a look like the picture above. The rug is not only great as an Instagram prop, but it is also a soft rug that adds coziness and comfort to your room. There are lots that can be done with this fancy rug, so be sure to get creative with it!

7. Marble Contact Paper 

If you want a clean white background but don’t have a granite countertop at home, no worries. Just buy a marble contact paper as the backdrop and place other items on it. The white marble will give your Instagram a clean and neat look, and let your items to stand out more.

8. Pink candy

There is no rule for Instagram creativity and no one says we can’t use candy as our prop!  This pink candy coating will make your cookies and cakes look stunning! To melt the candy, you can heat it in the microwave or over boiling water. Be sure to capture this delicious candy coating on cookies and post those yummy treats on Instagram! #eatyourfeed

9. Glitter Pillow Case

This Reversible Sequins Pillow Case from MOCOFO comes in 2 colors. The glitter green and gold give a magic mermaid look to your feed. To change the colors on the pillow, just move your fingers through the fabric and see the magic happens under your palms. Besides being a prop for your Instagram post, it can be used as a decoration in your room or your car. After all, it is still a functioning pillow with a fancy case.  No matter how you plan to use it, be sure to get your phone ready for the bling.

Important note: Pillow is not included, so be sure to check the measurements before purchasing.

10. Motivation cards

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Looking to brighten up your Instagram with these inspiring cards? Check out these motivational postcards to add extra awesomeness into your feed. Your followers will thank you for making their day better! The cards come in 5 different messages and quotes like, “Be Awesome Today”, “Make Today Magical”, “Enjoy the Little Things”, “Dance Like Nobody is Watching”, and “Do More of What Makes You Happy”

That’s all for the 10 props anyone needs to spread the Girl Boss vibes around social media. We hope you will get inspired by these unique and functional items that serve more than just props for your Instagram post, but also useful for your daily needs too.

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Guest Post by Ezreena
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